Tuesday, September 23, 2008

coz you had a bad EYE day

yup.. it's bad eye day for me!! woke up on monday morn and found out my eye was, erm... RED!! went to wash the eye but nothing good happen, oh well, i'm a bit late so jus don care and chiao.............

the eye started to irritate me when i was on the train, couldn't resist to rub it, but i had to, arggh, not rub it. so i try to close my eye until i reach my destination. first thing my pal say is "gosh, what happened to your eyes???" before i can continue, "hei, you did something bad last night,aite??" dang, something i expected to come out from the people's mouth. Nvm, life is cruel.

but i had a little fun using this red eye, cause it's red on one side. so i jus use the one side of it and stare at other's people eye and "LOOK INTO MY EYES!!!!! LOOK INTO IT!!!!!!" and it reminded Alexa a the second part of 4bia, which all of us did not notice at all.

wll, i think my eye is getting better, and thanks Sandra for the eye thingy, really help to make it not so irritating. Will continue to haunt someone else with the RED eye... so look into my eye..!!!

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