Saturday, February 27, 2010

questioning myself


IMG_0640 at moments

i think my pictures are so ordinary



but i wanna know what my reader thinks

what exactly do you think about my artwork

that i’ve taken so far






till then







Friday, February 26, 2010






i don’t usually write a lot in my blog post, cause i’m not good at expressing things or myself using words. that’s why i chose to put in more pictures than words in my blog posts. as i’m typing this now i find it hard to pop out the next word or verse i want to say in this posts. i don’t even know why i’m writing this blog post now some how. seems that i’ve lost my blogging mojo for the past few months, and now i’m losing my directions in photography. taking pictures for the past two months, everyday, eventually makes me lost something original that i used to have when i’m holding my camera. i felt lost, somehow my mind is blank when i pick up my camera now.






till then






Thursday, February 25, 2010

Studio C Live


heard of Studio C?

It’s a live music event that has been ongoing since January and will be ending next month.


If you are fans of BunkFace, OneBuckShort, Pop Shuvit, or They will kill us all, don't miss this chance of see them perform LIVE in front of you! All thanks to Studic C!



thinking of somewhere to go tonight?

It will be at Hard Rock Cafe KL (25th February 2010) featuring…





too soon?

well check this out






Make yourself free on the 6th March 2010 and join us at KL Live, Life Centre KL!

and guess what!


image An Honest Mistake playing as the special guest band of the night!




be there or be square!!





visit for more info





till then







Monday, February 15, 2010

happy chinese new year


it has been a while since i’ve log into my own blog, don’t worry readers i still read your blogs. anyway this blog will be revamped soon after i get enough materials from all sources i can find so stay tune to my blog k. ;)


anyway it’s Chinese New Year!!!!!! so…


IMG_0635bboyrice wishes you a

Happy Chinese New Year

and a great Tiger year ahead







till then








Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mystudio c






i enjoy local music


especially live


it rocks my world




An Honest Mistake


One Buck Short







what about you??






till then