Monday, August 31, 2009



P1200640it’s hari merdeka

how did you celebrate yours?

i know i celebrated mine in an awesome way

updating about it soon


P1200574if you had followed me @twitter


P1200569you might know i went to TTDI

for the Timberland Warehouse Sale


P1200666and i bought two pairs of shoes


P1200572got like more than 70% discount for each


P1200681i finally have a new shoe for the new sem



it’s the material and colour that caught my eye


P1200674my first high cut shoe


P1200675love the color and design


P1200679and it has it’s greener part too


P1200683and yes i’m a timberland fan










Sunday, August 30, 2009

jump jump jump


DSC00169was at the entrance of Pavilion

and thanks to Bryan


DSC00170i finally had some decent jumpshot pictures






DSC00173once again thanks Bryan





DSC00175now i love jumpshot picture

because i’m in it









Saturday, August 29, 2009

farewell dinner at Bangsar’s Chili’s


the theme is to dressed semi casual

the same outfit i wore to Envy Club Media Tour

i name it the Nikki Cheong wanna be look



P1200544first time coming here

they say the Chili’s here is the best among the other Chili’s


P1200535i had some

tequila fish with fries and herb rice

it’s not real teguila though



P1200551this is the group of people that went

wow they look so damn happy


P1200554and to Isabel


wish you all the best furthering your studies

we’re gonna miss you

at least i’m gonna miss you scolding me










mali mali buka puasa


P1200429 before we went for buka puasa


P1200431went to MOOKS Clothing @ Pavilion


P1200432because this dude has a RM100 voucher to “sai meng”


P1200427and over there i found out

they are selling a bunch of Lomography Camera

do drop by if you wanna buy one


P1200433and this is the happy boy with his MOOKS paper bag


P1200438Bryan camwhoring…XP

while Me and Jonathan is discussing

about one of the next big thing


P1200445then we went jalan jalan a while


P1200446then we head out to wait for Jason Ong


P1200453and had a few jump shots


P1200456then we left Pavilion

*nice feng shui number*


P1200460Mynjaz, Bryanlyt, JonYKT, Bboyrice, Misscheerio


P1200461Jason Ong, Bryan Lim, Jonathan Yip, Jeremy, Ellie Chee

the bloggers



P1200465and did i mention

the sky and cloud that day

or maybe the week

is so damn dramatic


P1200475and we reached TTDI’s Pasar Ramadhan


P1200477and always be ready for the camera



P1200490so after an hour


P1200489this is how much we bought


P1200493Jason with the chicken butt


P1200494Jonathan & Misscheerio with the butts


P1200495Bryan with the Popiah



this is the lepak culture





had an awesome moment “buka puasa”

with them

hope to have another one next week!!!





Friday, August 28, 2009

i prefer coffee bean


P1200434ice blended mocha regular

this is still my favourite coffee








Thursday, August 27, 2009

something about twitter


imagejust in case you dunno

this is the twitter homepage


imageafter you sign in


  imagethis is your twitter account homepage



you update what you’re doing

it’s similar like updating your facebook status

but in 140 characters


what to update??

what to tell??





or basically








time to cut the crap

i believe everyone know what’s twitter

even if you don use it



just wanna share a video i saw


it’s just a video