Friday, January 28, 2011

infamous railway

Had this shoot at the infamous Subang railway track few weeks ago with a few aspirin photographers/bloggers and 3 models. The theme was set to a Pop Music-ish kinda look. Everything turn out to be great and fun on that day. I’ve been to the tracks for a couple of time but i couldn’t really explore everything that is available there, except for the abandoned house and the tracks, next time i would want to go into the deeper area and see what’s prepared for us. Perhaps i should arrange another session at the infamous Subang Railway track, mainly not to shoot but to look around and seek for another possibility for photoshooting. Yes, i just like to be different than the others ;)

Anyway here’s the models that i shot the other day, it was indeed a good experience for all of them. There’s more to come and hopefully can create more shoots for them in the future.

 EMC-3430 EMC-3386

EMC-3363  it was around noon and the light were shining through the broken windows, i quickly set up my models at the side of the windows to get their face and body lighted up only at one side. Took a few shot for each model and this three turned out to be the best among their shots.


Well i’m still busy editing a lot of pictures and doing a few shooting here and there. Assignment comes along the way and i manage to juggle between my passion for photography & college.
I always thanks for those who supported me in photography, the encouragement and kind words have made me improve a lot, as a photographer and a person myself.


If you are interested to get shot by me, do drop my your contact in the comment box or cbox, we can have a small discussion over coffee and who knows, something incredible could be done ;)


i guess that’s it





Wednesday, January 19, 2011


i have a lazy old dog.


and i miss taking pictures with bokeh.


lazy wednesday yo!




Monday, January 17, 2011

seeking perfection

It’s all about bringing yourself out of your comfort zone, and be brave enough to broaden up your horizon. It’s ok if you fell at the first time, because no one’s perfect. I know i’m not.


i had a fruitful weekend with my friends and family. here’s to a great week ahead







Thursday, January 13, 2011

look up

often we forgot how simple life was, pursuing the right career, burning the midnight oil to study for good grades, cracking the brain juices for ideas. I would actually say, take a step back, look up, and life is actually not that complicated. We just need to learn how to relax ourselves once a while, rejoice when we needed to. Life is not that hard, but when it hits you hard, take it deep breath, take it easy ;)


have a nice day everyone






Thursday, January 6, 2011



are you happy today?




Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Studio Shoot

  Another day well spent at IMVA studio, Stephanie and Winnie was really kind to volunteer themselves to be our model while some of us are still giving the studio a test run. Here are two shots of the girls i took today, i’m pretty much satisfied with the both of these pictures but there’s more to come, i shall just post two first as a teaser. Figured out that every angle of the light and the power output of the light affects a lot to a picture, and you really need the chemistry between a model and a photographer to make the shooting session go smooth and easy. Overall it’s another fun day at IMVA, another day of learning ;)

 Steph & Winnie-2193 Stephanie Ee

Steph & Winnie-2175Winnie



Stay tune for more i guess :)




It was a really chilling session at IMVA studio the other day, me and Azrin was figuring out how to work the two flash in the studio while Jason and Feeq volunteered to me our “model”. Pictures taken that day turns out to be quite satisfying for me, of course there’s still a lot more about studio lighting for me to learn. Gonna post some jump shot first (mostly inspired by someone) :P

IMVA - test -1772

IMVA - test -1764

IMVA - test -1754

IMVA - test -1755

IMVA - test -1729

stay tune as i’ll post up more pictures taken at IMVA studio the other day, and also a lot more in the future. so if you’re looking for someone to take nice pictures of yourself, IMVA studio is at your service ;)



Monday, January 3, 2011

never too late



i guess it’s never too late to great you all
happy new year! 


here’s to an awesome 2011
more laughter
more inspiration
more positive thinking
more passion


i’m gonna be bigger and better


till then