Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It was a really chilling session at IMVA studio the other day, me and Azrin was figuring out how to work the two flash in the studio while Jason and Feeq volunteered to me our “model”. Pictures taken that day turns out to be quite satisfying for me, of course there’s still a lot more about studio lighting for me to learn. Gonna post some jump shot first (mostly inspired by someone) :P

IMVA - test -1772

IMVA - test -1764

IMVA - test -1754

IMVA - test -1755

IMVA - test -1729

stay tune as i’ll post up more pictures taken at IMVA studio the other day, and also a lot more in the future. so if you’re looking for someone to take nice pictures of yourself, IMVA studio is at your service ;)




jfook said...

Nice jump shots.

sleeper said...

very nice shoot.. how u make the shoot?
what camera u using?