Friday, December 26, 2008

Gifts and Wishes


these are the gifts i received 30 minutes b4 2008’s Christmas comes to an end, thanks to the people who still care and loves me.


and these are what i get for this year, woohooo!! thanks again for these lovely gifts, i think they do come in handy.

well, maybe due to economic effect to the world, and to me, i think. there wasn’t much Christmas feel in my heart, didn’t celebrate much and also didn’t nag my mum for buying me a present as well. i guess it’s another day and another Christmas.


anyway, there’s still 2 minutes left, i here wanna wish all my friends and family, especially to those people who i really care and love, a Merry Merry Christmas.  peace upon you and all…


Thursday, December 25, 2008

what i get at Melaka

 DSC01513 DSC01514 DSC01516the dragon on the forehead

one of the fancy things i bought when i was at Melaka with my friends, actually it was Luc who saw the shop first which sell many nice wood craft stuff. well, it’s jus a red colour mask with some pattern and carving on it, what i like about this mask is the dragon on the forehead, which symbolize prosperity for the family and power(what the autie said la), and i also wanted to hang something in my room. so yea i bought this mask as a feng shui sign for me and my family and also a decoration for the room.



this picture was taken after my frisbee practise, which is also after my melaka trip. yea, after Melaka trip, within 12 hours i went to play frisbee, and later i went to meet my old friends from British Council, what a tight schedule. and the hat in the pic, i used RM15 to buy at Melaka, instead of 70++ at KL, which i saved a lot. and everyone in the gang say it looks good on me, but what i think is this hat looks good on gals as well. XD   and also the T-shirt i’m wearing in that pic, it says “YOU’LL NEVER DANCE ALONE, “MOVE ON UP””, which i bought with RM20, cheap yea. this T-shirt also symbolize me and my dancing life, which i really miss now. sighs.

yea, these are the few things i bought at Melaka, which is meaningfull for me….. XD

and one sad case is, i lost my voice during the trip. sighs. and now i’m force to take this stupid medicine. DSC01509 it sucks, but effective, i think


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee!!

when i first hear about this game, it was on my first day of orientation in this college. Boy Jeffrey was a good at giving his speech, i could still remember what he said about this game, “this is not a very rough game as you all can imagine, it is a quite gentle game that gals are actually playing too” and Mr Carroll was the coach of the Ultimate team before he left HUC. sobs.

well, until last saturday, or the day before when Jiu Hwei ask me to help out at the HELP Open Ultimate, i realise playing frisbee isn’t a very “gentle” game after all. before going on to the field i manage to found some website that talks about the rules and histories about this game, it says here “Ultimate is an exciting, non-contact team sport, played by thousands the world over. It mixes the best features of sports such as Soccer, Basketball, American Football and Netball into an elegantly simple yet fascinating and demanding game. To compete at the top level, Ultimate players require an unmatched degree of speed, stamina and agility.” 

the 2 thing that i like the most about this game are self-refereeing and it’s really similar to American Football (one sport that i always dream to play). there is not much rule and every players are responsible for the own fouls and line calls, and yea, if you simply call a foul, wait to be bash up. even world class ultimate frisbee games are also self-refereed by the players, according to a code of conduct know as “ the Spirit of the game”.

well, on saturday itself i manage to have a little taste of this amazing game. HUO was held at one of UM’s football field as the size of the space needed is100m x 37m, two games can go on in one time at a soccer field. my job was to keep time and inform the players how many time left, when’s half time, since it’s self-refereeing, yea, i jus need to lay back and enjoy the game. 7 teams show up that day, ours was the Jumpers, Rojaks from Sunway, El-Ninos,  Nottingham Opps, U8 Soars, Dark Phoenix from USJ 13, and the CareBears, the all star team which caught the attention of all.

at the morning Kenneth and i showed up, then later on Jie Hwa appear to help out, well, our job was really damn simple as we jus need to keep track of the time for the players, that’s it, and what we get was Dominos Pizza, woohooo, i’m starting to love pizza’a other than from pizza hut.

what’s amazing about our team was Mr. Carroll is in the playing for us and man he’s really a good player, same goes to the rest of the team, Mike was the leader as Jiu Hwei need to settle the score sheets and stuffs, and he’s really good at leading and encouraging the team. the Jumpers played well, they got 4 wins and 2 loses, manage to get into 3 placing, and most of all, they won the Best Spirit Team, which gave them another special disc, gosh i wan one too. congrats to them anyway. about this Best Spirit Team, it’s something the captains will do after the every match, the captains or representative will give points to the opposing team for their Spirit Scores, something similar to Sportsmanship.

the other team played well, especially the CareBears, which is the all-star team, Jiu Hwei told me that, and they are indeed the all-stars. man they really can throw the discs, and even dive for it. and they have two guys wearing the Kilt, some skirt that Irish guys wear, it is to believe it’s their tactic to distract the player defending them so that they have chances to throw the disc, what a crap. but yea, they can go really serious into this game when they were once nail 3-0, then they manage to end the game by 15-10, which they won in the end. gosh they’re good.

well, everything was fine until the very last match, until the rain began to fall, but the match doesn’t end until the thunder sounds, it’s a bit hard for them to play in the rain cause the disc doesn’t fly properly and they only can do short throws, while the rest of us are trying to find cover and keep everything dry, the remaining is still going on and until the thunders strikes, boy everyone was fast running out of the field.  and the game jus end that way.

conclusion is, i had loads of fun on that day, learn a lot about frisbee, and met a lot of nice and friendly people, and, i’m going for my first frisbee practice tomorrow at KBU… WOOHOOO….

DSC01293 Jumpers lining up

DSC01295 teammates observing

DSC01296 he should be Sexxxay to attract the crowd

DSC01298 the CareBears!!!!!

DSC01303 terrorist? Mickey Mouse? Shoemaker?

DSC01306 too tired….

DSC01309 the team resting

DSC01310 he is so smart to take the banner out at the end of the day, and it’s sponsored by Ali Maju.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

my first sport shoe

something i found when tidying my room today... i asked my mum, and she said it's my first sport shoe.. wow... DSC01251 DSC01252 smaller than my palm. XD


Monday, December 8, 2008

I Want Caffein

Starbucks, something to serve my need. i need Mocha.....!!!!!!!!!!!!! arggh....
anyway, i still like Coffee Bean.... XD

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

you knew the answer... XP

you jus don wanna say it out, when you already know what the answer is, you are jus afraid to accept another truth, rather live in fantasy, staying at this current moment, it might be happier for her, but you are suffering like hell, you miss her every single day, you talk to her every time she sign in, you wanted to tell her, but you refused, because you don wanna screw up the happy moment, you know the answer, the truth, the fact. you're from two different world, seperated, you try to pull her into your world, but you couldn't, cause you knew she doesn't belong here, and she won't be joyfull too, things would be more complicated, and you knew. life so full with reality, you can't means you can't, or maybe is you're not qualified to be with her, you don't belong to her, you don't even should actually exist in her world, maybe that would make you feel better, maybe you would be happier now. anyway, you are happy now, when you spend every single moment with her, talking to her, knowing her better, change your perspective so that you can live much better as well, pary and wish her hard, be there for her when she needed one, make her happy, and keep her happy, that's what you gonna do.

"i spread joy to everyone, and keep the sad one to myself"
yes, you like her, i know you do......


Friday, December 5, 2008

OMG, Rae tagged me... XP

Rules & Regulations:
1.Do not copy answers
2.The tag questions must be 100% the same
3.Tag people after doing tag
4.No tagging back

I tag:
1. Calvin
2. Mae
3. Li Wen
4. Luc
5. Rizuan
6. Apan
7. Sandra
8. Isabel
9. Clement

-How you know 1?
IPRMSA, he's a great buddy

-What would you do if you never met 2?
i would never be happier....

-What would you do if 3&4 dated you?
hmmmm... all i can say is.... "LOL" 

-Would 5 & 6 make a good couple?
still LOL

-do you think 7 is attractive?
eh.... duh...  she's really attracctive lo.... 

-Do you know anything about 8’s family?
i guess not....

-Tell me something about 9
a coool dude who collects a lot of stuff?? he's a nice guy la... 

-What language does 2 speaks?
eh... English,, and a little cantonese... XD

-Who is 3 going out with?
tak tau la.... going out with us lo... haha... XP

-how old is 4?
20?? my son is older than me... XD

this i really dunno

-Who is 6 favourite singer?
hmmmmm.... tak tau pun.... ><.

-7 ?
pun tak tao....

-Is 8 single?
she haven't found her cute boy.... XD

-What is 9 last name?
eh... er,.... forgot jor...

-Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
???? WTH.... no way.....

-Which school does 2 go to?
HELP College University

-What do you like about 3?
she's a very nice friend..... XD   .

Monday, December 1, 2008

the star and the moon

it's really a rare scene this night, imagine the moon in the "u" shape and there's two tiny little bright star above it, making it shape like smiley face. GOD, it's that god's creation or what, and i can't believe i was sitting on top of my dad's car glazing at the moon, while calling my friends to catch this magnificent moment. too bad my camera can't capture this scene, the moon is tooooooooo far la.. XD

went back to my high school today to do some loan stuff, damn mafan. but it was great moment to see the juniors at school, had a lot of fun dancing with them. i miss dancing....

talking about random, it was totally a damn random friday. before that i wanna thank Calv and Mae for helping me out. Thanks a million.

it was a random trip for me to travel up to Genting to help babysitting, and i wanna say it's not a date, it's just that i teman someone else to babysit her sisters and her friends la. eventually i met up with Wong, my long distance relative which i've met not more than twice, what a coincidence that he is Eunice's friends. OMG. it is so unbelievable that the rest of the people had actually told their parents about going up to Genting, but not me and my long distance relative, we share the same blood man, like what they said. anyway, we had a great moment up there, took my time to relax myself before the final week, even though it killed half of my wallet.

DSC01211the ticket proof... XD

another funny thing that happened lately, screw you

yea, screw you with a screw man, this joke was made up by calvin and was used for this genting trip which me and summer keep screwing people, LOL! so... SCREW you~~...