Thursday, December 25, 2008

what i get at Melaka

 DSC01513 DSC01514 DSC01516the dragon on the forehead

one of the fancy things i bought when i was at Melaka with my friends, actually it was Luc who saw the shop first which sell many nice wood craft stuff. well, it’s jus a red colour mask with some pattern and carving on it, what i like about this mask is the dragon on the forehead, which symbolize prosperity for the family and power(what the autie said la), and i also wanted to hang something in my room. so yea i bought this mask as a feng shui sign for me and my family and also a decoration for the room.



this picture was taken after my frisbee practise, which is also after my melaka trip. yea, after Melaka trip, within 12 hours i went to play frisbee, and later i went to meet my old friends from British Council, what a tight schedule. and the hat in the pic, i used RM15 to buy at Melaka, instead of 70++ at KL, which i saved a lot. and everyone in the gang say it looks good on me, but what i think is this hat looks good on gals as well. XD   and also the T-shirt i’m wearing in that pic, it says “YOU’LL NEVER DANCE ALONE, “MOVE ON UP””, which i bought with RM20, cheap yea. this T-shirt also symbolize me and my dancing life, which i really miss now. sighs.

yea, these are the few things i bought at Melaka, which is meaningfull for me….. XD

and one sad case is, i lost my voice during the trip. sighs. and now i’m force to take this stupid medicine. DSC01509 it sucks, but effective, i think


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