Thursday, October 29, 2009





wondering when’s Recharge gonna turn up in KL??


it’s TOMORROW!!!!!!





will you be there??

i know i will

cause i need an moment to




see you people at Blanc!!






a birthday post


short post short post




wanna thank to the people who came

tried to come

and especially to the people who organized this


a big thank you to you all

you guys are just awesome

needless to say

i had an awesome partay with you people










Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the award……………












Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a lil update



sorry for the absence in everything i should be in

i know you all didnt miss me



just a little update

i can’t online due to lack of internet

(maxis giving me slow connection)


so yea

will be back soon

currently thinking which to chose

staying back with Maxis?


or P1WiMax?




till then






Thursday, October 22, 2009







all the bad lucks lately image made me closed my eyes

and i stood








Coming to you soon, RECHARGE is one event you don’t wanna miss out, and is set to hit some of the hottest locales in and around the nation. Sporting an all new look and outlook, the revamped RECHARGE is an all-sense-experience-extravaganza that promises to tease and titillate revelers’ sense of sight, taste, touch, smell and most notably sound. And with the like of DJ Cobra, DJ tyDi, DJ Sid Vicious, Proteus, DJ Cookie and DJ Bigg, revelers can expect the sounds to be larger than life. Also making an appearance are homegrown favourites like Arabyrd, Melissa Indot, Bass Agents, DJ Didjital, DJ Classick and more for a total tally of 18 performers at 8 definitive events.



the next station

23 Oct: JB Discovery, Johor Bahru

Proteus (FI), Bass Agents




imagewanna know more about it??













Wednesday, October 21, 2009

xberry partay @ republic

_DSC0069it’s another celebration @ Republic


P1210876it’s the Xberry Party!!

in courtesy of

Xpax for organising such awesome event


P1210881Nuffnang for giving out the VVIP passes


image also need to thanks Xiang

for bringing me as his guest


and did i mention

the weather that day was stunning that day ;)


before the performances start

the bloggers started chilling inside the bar

having the snacks and finger food provided

imageand freeflow of

Pepsi, Tiger & Black Label

and special thanks to this guy who hears my every request



P1210890then later on i went out to check

the Xpax Blackberry Booth


_DSC0086took a shot with KaiChi and Xiang

and tha't’s me tweeting halfway

oh i need a QWERTY keypad phone

like BlackBerry



_DSC0091 and thanks to the promoter who later on

took another group shot for us

(she damn cute kan.. :P)

P1210883later on we head to the stage

P1210897we have!!


Sazzy Falak

as our emcee for the night

P1210899and here we have our emcee introducing

P1210900 the small boy with big sound

P1210912 Shawn Lee in da house!!!

P1210913 needless to say his performance made the crowds go wild!!

P1210915 guess what he’s just 18

and he’s officially

Malaysian Beatbox Champion 09!!   

congrats to him

click here and here

for his performance that day

credits to Seraph Sam 



P1210932next we have Joe Flizzow

our pioneer of local hip hop

P1210937together with his partner, Malique

the duo and the DJ

presented us with

some awesome hiphop rapping beats

P1210943  and they had floor fever

as their backup dancer

P1210986it’s an awesome combination

when you have Joe Flizzow rapping to the beat

P1210988and floor fever dancing to the hip hop beat

totally like it

P1210950a picture of me with floor fever’s dancers

they are always my inspiration for dance moves


imagenext we have Arabyrd

first time seeing her performance

and WOW

the girl who can really rap it out yo

P1220014i was so impressed by her performance on stage

P1220020this girl truly did an amazing job to rap her heart out


P1210886and guess who was the last one no stage to spin the disc

and give us some hot dancing beat

image it’s DJ Xu from LapSap 

wanna thank him for spinning the awesome beat

for us to dance off the whole night


_DSC0108oh i met Liyana Fizi of Estrella

she’s so pweetty….. X)



finally get to meet and talk to Kim

after a long long time



Tziaa with her new G10



_DSC0216and reunion of 3AM gang!!

me, Bryanlty, Kim, Mojosh & Jason Ong

missed out Howard, Ewin and SuetMei though



_DSC0361with the Emcee of the night, Shazzy Falak

that’s me sweating after a dance off

and i heard Nuffnang and Xpax is giving out

2 BlackBerry Curve 8520

to the Nuffnangers who attended the Xberry Party!!


reasons why i should have one?

i give you 10 REASONS!!





1. i'm a Twitterholic that tweets almost 24/7

2. my facebook is my homepage

3. i need to blog more often

4. i need to check and reply my mail more often

5. get connected with friends through MSN

6. get my photography inspiration anytime i want from

7. a new media player device to keep me up to date

8. i need a QWERTY keypad phone to type faster

9. i can access internet even though i have no WiFi

10. i just simply need that Blackberry lar… ;)

additional one reason

i couldn’t get one for free on me birthday which is 10/10

so can Nuffnang give me one as belated birthday gift.. X)

imageand what??


as low as RM1 & unlimited access

where can you find such great deal??



wanna know more about it?

click on the Xpax to find out more





“got X, got it All!!”











picture credits to

1. Jackieloi

2. Byranlyt

4. Jessica Tan

3. google image



Monday, October 19, 2009

cause you had a bad day


start off the day waking up at 5 in the morning, and realized i had tons of should be done by yesterday night thing. Procrastination ROCKS!!!


for the blackberry post, it took me more than 5 hours to get all the materials, ideas and concept to make the blogpost, and another freaking 8 hours of trying to post it up.

thanks to the slow internet, i took more than 3 hours in the morning looking for a group picture and the information for Blackberry Curve 8520.


struggling to upload my post from Window Live writer, it kept failing me for no reason. i don’t know what’s the freaking problem with my post!! it’s either i got the bandwidth curse or the internet is really freaking me out.


i decided to step out the house and head to college instead, thinking i can upload my post at college or stealing old town’s wifi which i believe is strong enough. at 1015 i reached the bus stop hoping the bus would come anytime soon, but oh my it reach later than i expected hence i missed the 1025am train to KL,


oh well, i’m still not too late to submit my post before 1200 i think. the 1045am train came and i thought i was lucky enough that the door stop right in front of me. the “rosak” sign just ruin everything and i had to squeeze again with the other passengers again. lost my favorite spot and had to sit with a bunch of ignorant teenagers. pfffft.


watching the time goes tick tock tick tock and i tried my luck by taking out my laptop and maxis broadband and try to upload my lengthy blackberry blogpost again. but yet i failed again.


the free wifi at KL Sentral gave me a light of hope but it still failed eventually and i have no freaking idea what’s wrong with the post. thank god i met calvin at bangsar station and he tired to help me out to solve the problem but we failed. i think i got the bandwidth curse most probably.


i gave up hope on uploading the post cause my laptop have no battery anymore, and i cant seem to find a way to solve that freaking problem. talk about timing. pfft

i’m not quite happy cause i had really put in lots of effort to do that post since i haven blogged properly for quite a time. and i had lost my chance to win myself a Blackberry Curve for my belated birthday gift. =( and the post is still lying here waiting to be uploaded


basically the whole morning i’m just trying to upload that freaking blogpost and i failed. T.T

the next bad thing is, me, calvin and ponnu got lectured in the bus for no reason. lolx~

we were at the head of the line queue ing up for more than half an hour for the bus, once we were aboard and this old man came sitting in front of us lecturing us things that we don’t freaking understand!! WTF, got lectured for no effing reason.


and oh later on i walked to a U-Mobile booth asking for a RM10 top up coupon for my U-Mobile number, and guess what, the staff said out of stock!! o.0 WHAT???  U-Mobile booth have no u-mobile reload coupon?? where’s the logic wie.. omg..


and yea i was also effing late for the sales i’m suppose to be at.



if you’re reading until this part, i really salute and respect you.

at the same time, i wanna thank you for reading the whole sort of like ranting post blogpost, i believe the people who read it all are people who really care. =)

at this moments, i’m praying there’s no more bad things happening at home now. =X






Thursday, October 15, 2009

i lapdance at DUBB @ Barcelona


imagebecause i can’t stand this two guy’s dancing




imagethe Emcee for DUBB

Liang & Hunny Madu

in DAAAAA house


and they were nice enough to hear my request

* i wanna lapdance too!!!*



imageso they set up two girl

Amanda to the left and Jacquelyn to the right




and i went down as dirty as i can


look at Jacquelyn’s face






but wait

there’s more







image they got Dusty and Sam to lapdance me this time



imageand hello

we walked away with awesome prizes k!!

i got an ODM watch

the guys got merchandize from Tropicana Life

and the girls got some perfumes too




finally my first non-pirated ODM watch

for me to use at some special occasions









and sorry lack of pictures

because i accidentally deleted

a group of pictures

dated from 3rd OCT to 8th OCT

i nearly cried



so check out





there’s more

try google it





pictures credit to Nigel’s blog