Monday, April 11, 2011




Have you heard of yuberactive? Actually it’s a website that connects brands and youth together!

Yes, Im still a youth too and I love free stuffs! That’s the best part about this website! (:

Anyway, Im doing this blogpost to win some goodies for myself, so please support me!


To me, glamorous means pretty, simple and comfortable! I chose the picture above because it is a very comfortable environment and I simply love it! Talking about Glamorous, it reminds me bout the Fergie songs, too! Haha!

There will be a Glam Tour this Friday for all of us to stand a chance to dress up as glam as possible and Im sure I will be there because I wanna win this blogging competition! Gonna grab some RIMMEL LONDON and of course must thanks to StarAsia Trend Nation as the leading beauty brand in Malaysia!


Ive always believe in, TAKE ACTION AND BE REWARDED!!

So what are you waiting for? Grab the tickets asap or check out their website again! :D