Friday, July 31, 2009

i want to throw disc




i can’t wait for tomorrow to come

am emo now







Thursday, July 30, 2009

BOa, the korean star



i first saw this video

on rapid KL bus

i could barely hear the song

but i was amazed by her dance moves




few months later

i found this video

and i was *booooomed*

watch this in fullscreen

it’s awesome








happy birthday @suetmei


P1180994 only picture of me and her

blur one summore





wishing you happy birthday

hope you’ll have a blast








Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sri hartamas taylors



more funny pictures coming up



imageand congrats MojoshDotCom

for joining us at the Mosh Pit 




Tuesday, July 28, 2009

envy club with da bloggas

note*pictures are taken from all around the world*

before you scroll down

check these few websites out






P1180924after chillin’ at haagen~dazs


6500_239538645303_761055303_7960984_6740904_nthe first batch of bloggers to arrive

  Jia Wen, Nelson, Ewin & Howard


6500_239538665303_761055303_7960986_6096012_nthen Rames, Jeniffer & Joshua Wong came



and more & more bloggers came

from left

Howard, Tai Wei Wei, Rachel, Selena, Evo, me, Simon, Mojosh, Ewin, Jia Wen, Nelson, Rames, Jenifer, Joshua, Jason, Suet Mei, Bryan



6500_239538700303_761055303_7960989_5296715_nthen we proceed to the entrance


5734_142266171264_692086264_3649084_3205180_nand had a massive camwhore session

i like this one a lot




and what do we do after we went in?


5820_133135606437_709511437_3649354_604960_nwe do what bloggers do

take n take n take n take pictures

and camwhore also lar






6500_239538885303_761055303_7961015_6766686_nit seems my hat can shoot rainbow





P1180966and Sean was in da house to entertain the crowd

awesome performance!!


P1180980i didn’t took much picture during the night

because i don’t have a flash to get nice nice pictures


P1180937and i shy to take out my baby lx-3

after i see these mind poisoning gadgets

which one should i get

*rubbing hand*


P1180931but overall

chillin’ the night


P1180949at Envy Club


P1180933with free-flow drinks


P1180946and with a bunch of bloggers/photographers


6576_134134760922_689275922_3581884_6154433_nis just freaking awesome





6500_239538710303_761055303_7960990_2637440_nnot to forget

the 3AM gang

you guys are just awesome people






*picture credits to Howard, Rames and Chia Wei*








P1180912before getting in to the club

(event starts at 2100)

and also need to wait for the rest of the bloggers


P1180916went chilin’ at Haagen Dazs


P1180918chocolate with almond toppin’


P1180919i think it’s a bit expensive


P1180914but the quality says it all





so who’s up for Haagen-Dazs ice cream buffer

RM33.90 plus plus only




Envy Club post and Pimp My Hat post

coming up



stay tune







Monday, July 27, 2009

envy club night


P1180911was at Envy Club

@ Solaris Mont Kiara

30 minutes ago








Sunday, July 26, 2009

disc day


P1180616Saturday was SEXY

*look at them pose*


P1180630and having lunch with 15++ people

= noisy, messy, kelam kabut,



P1180669and later on i went to KDU college


P1180663saw lots of doggies and kitties


P1180656the crowd was just nice


P1180678and nice cars at the parking lot


P1180702too bad the shows and performances started a bit late


SONY DSCmost of all it’s awesome to meet them

Jonathan, SuetMei, Jason

picture courtesy to the pesron nearest to the camera

*guess yourself*





then here comes Sunday

P1180774 went to UM for




this one full post will be up soon

gathering pictures from all over the world now


it was awesome throwing and catching

with the yellow team

and both my legs are aching now


P1180889and this was my dinner

1x dinner plate H&S

1x cheeeeeezy wedges

6x nuggets


1x large pepsi



i’m satisfied



*off to take some decent rest now*








rip yasmin ahmand




it is a great loss

at least to me it’s a very great loss

to hear that

Yasmin Ahmad has passed away



she’s is a woman that i really respected



My condolences to Yasmin’s family

may you RIP






Saturday, July 25, 2009

are you ready?







*jumps to bed*








Just dance! magazine


imagethe first issue of

Just DANCE! magazine

*that’s Billy and Cecilia btw*



Just DANCE! is Malaysia’s 1st dance magazine published by A T Danceworks.

Just DANCE! Magazine is a journal of information and inspiration for dancers and aspiring dancers with its insightful compilation of dance articles, dance tips, dance fashion, dance news and happenings in the Malaysian and international dance scene.
For further enquiries and submission of your dance news,

please email to


*info taken from Facebook*


check out their

Facebook Fan Page





and go grab it


Just DANCE! Aug-Sept issue

will be in major bookstores & newsstands nationwide

this Saturday onwards









and some coming up events



25th July 2009 Saturday

at KDU college

more info


imagePimp My Hat tournament

Date: 26th July 2009 Sunday
Venue: Field C, Beside Varsity Green, University Malaya
Time: 8am – 5pm

more info




that’s it for now

time to go to bed









Friday, July 24, 2009

it’s 3am in the morning



and i’m having a massive chat with



3am gang

*named by eVo*







Thursday, July 23, 2009

it’s so hard to decide



yesterday i posted this on facebook



and thanks for those who replied

in facebook and twitter



and later on i see many changes around me

and i felt


ps this is my T-shirt


i have set my mind for a few things



imageD90 Kit

which i must get before my birthday

*my target*




P1170900i shall stick to throwing disc more often

like once a week


P1180224and play paintball

once a month




after i get my D90

next thing is


imagean iPhone if the price meets

and if my uncle willing to post it back to me from Abu Dhabi


imageor N97 is nice too




any suggestion people?

for getting a mobile device

1. that can allow me to online anytime and anywhere

2. watch high quality video on the go




last but not least

P1180562stick back become a nuffnanger?


P1180560or jump ship to join the gang





it’s up to you to convince me

to stay or not to stay


for the best commenter or persuader

i’ll be giving him/her something

what thing?

you’ll know soon




*and please comment down there

not at the Cbox for this time*