Tuesday, July 28, 2009

envy club with da bloggas

note*pictures are taken from all around the world*

before you scroll down

check these few websites out






P1180924after chillin’ at haagen~dazs


6500_239538645303_761055303_7960984_6740904_nthe first batch of bloggers to arrive

  Jia Wen, Nelson, Ewin & Howard


6500_239538665303_761055303_7960986_6096012_nthen Rames, Jeniffer & Joshua Wong came



and more & more bloggers came

from left

Howard, Tai Wei Wei, Rachel, Selena, Evo, me, Simon, Mojosh, Ewin, Jia Wen, Nelson, Rames, Jenifer, Joshua, Jason, Suet Mei, Bryan



6500_239538700303_761055303_7960989_5296715_nthen we proceed to the entrance


5734_142266171264_692086264_3649084_3205180_nand had a massive camwhore session

i like this one a lot




and what do we do after we went in?


5820_133135606437_709511437_3649354_604960_nwe do what bloggers do

take n take n take n take pictures

and camwhore also lar






6500_239538885303_761055303_7961015_6766686_nit seems my hat can shoot rainbow





P1180966and Sean was in da house to entertain the crowd

awesome performance!!


P1180980i didn’t took much picture during the night

because i don’t have a flash to get nice nice pictures


P1180937and i shy to take out my baby lx-3

after i see these mind poisoning gadgets

which one should i get

*rubbing hand*


P1180931but overall

chillin’ the night


P1180949at Envy Club


P1180933with free-flow drinks


P1180946and with a bunch of bloggers/photographers


6576_134134760922_689275922_3581884_6154433_nis just freaking awesome





6500_239538710303_761055303_7960990_2637440_nnot to forget

the 3AM gang

you guys are just awesome people






*picture credits to Howard, Rames and Chia Wei*







EVo said...

Hoi. where is the pic of u without ur hat man? ahahaha. great hanging out with u bro!

Bboy Rice said...

ain't gonna put that picture up..
i got reputation one le wie.. XD
and sadly macam no picture with you lar.. =P