Wednesday, January 28, 2009

second day… woot.

people say during chinese new year they gain weight or eat too much until they don feel well in the tummy. but me, what i had for today was,
1. a large ice'-blended mocha from coffee bean
2. a chocolate chip cookie from coffee bean also
3. a can of 100plus
4. 5 piece of bah gua.
yup, that’s what i consume for the day.

second day was jus ok, gamble the whole day at my mum’s part, taught my cousin’s girlfriend how to play mahjong, and she’s addicted to it now, for sure. then i was at mid valley, and the stupid shop closed for 2 days, darn it. other than that, i was gambling and making money. wooot… ~

things are getting busy now, was doing my assignment in the morn, 7 in the morn, and my mum was shock to see me do my assignment. LOLx….but assignment is not progressing very fast, might need to sacrifice my weekend again. sighs.

will be gambling again tomolo, omg. i need somewhere to go… or things to do….


Monday, January 26, 2009

first day of the ox year

woke up around 6, wander around thinking what happened the day before. went to Petaling Street after dinner with my family’s best friend, it’s a tradition for our family to visit the temples at Petaling Street. it was raining so there wasn’t much crowd compared to the last few years. i love the atmosphere in the temple, can see many kind of people come to pray, for health for wealth, for the child for the family, for the love ones for the themselves. i prayed, for world peace, because i know we need to pay for what we need, there’s no free lunch in this world, seriously.

630am, i still lying on my bed, checking the sms my friends sent to me through out the night. gonna reply them soon asap as well. mum and dad woke up too and yes, breakfast, it’s been quite a time i’ve had breakfast with them. the usual chinese breakfast meal for chinese new year, “mee sin soup”. simple and nice and meaningful.

after breakfast we went over to my grandma’s place which is just fifteen minutes away, walking distance. we were among the early birds to arrive, and all the other family members came soon. greeted and smiled, the usual routine. another day in that house. i wish that house was mine.

mum wasn’t feeling well so we went back to rest a while, my cousin came as well jus to lepak at our place. talk and crap, gossip as well, i knew more, understand more, learnt more, thought more.

the first day of chinese new year. my first day of chinese new year.


Happy Chinese Moooo Year~


wish all my friends, family, cousins, readers, strangers, anyone, a very prosperous happy Chinese new year. XD

Sunday, January 25, 2009

first experiment

note.. it’s just conteng conteng only

above: fabric crayon.
below: acrylic paint


something random on a white shirt

note to self
1. need more white, red and black,
2. draw on table
3. get more brush
4. more textile medium
5. design before draw
6. idea
7. get a board
8. new color plate


BIG project coming up

not assignment, not any course work. XD
jus something i found out recently thanks to Luc.
hope the thing will work.



we have been gathering~


i still remember 2 years ago, Maple called me up and invited me to Zhi Hui’s birthday celebration, i was so shock then when they called up. it’s been like, erm…. 4 or 5 years we have never met back then. yea, it was a nice gathering with them. till then, we had another gathering again on new year’s eve, and another one later on, and another one to be coming, and another one to be set on next year. haha… XD

well, l’ll again let the pictures speak their words.

new year’s eve gathering




the gathering at Sunway~


we are in the mirror in the fitting room~





n645604951_1307140_9207 DSC01791 


DSC01794DSC01799  DSC01795








at 1U



Jodie is back, but Amanda’s leaving soon. sobs..







hey, it’s been nice and happy and fun to gather with you all, i hope in the future we can have more time together. XD


KLPAC Open Day 2009

this blog is wrote for someone special and who couldn’t make it to see me on the day.. ^^  anyway i wanna thanks Mae as well for inviting me to this KLPAC open day, i had so much fun that day.


it was Sunday, and the day after we came down from Genting Highland, which we also had loads of fun up there. i should be there on 0900am but i woke up a bit because i forgot to set my alarm, Gosh. ><   but i arrive there almost on time and i had to walk into the KLPAC because i miss Eliza’s car. before i go on, here’s the workshop, stage reading, showcase and interactive theatre i attend for the day.


1000-1030  stage reading, Letters to God
1030-1100  interactive theatre, The Room of Secret by Chirs Ling
1100-1200  workshop, guitar clinic by Julian Mahktar
1100          interactive theatre, The Oral Stage
1230-1330  workshop, Salsa by Darlene & Amar
1400-1600  stage reading, Live Shocks by Electric Minds Project
1500-1600  workshop, Improvisation by Helena Foo
1530-1630  workshop and showcase, Nomad Adventure drum circle 
extras       TAS teater rakyat cultural game, Galah Panjang 
                 shopping at flea market, Bijou Bazaar
                 exhibition, Portraits of Disability
                 exhibition, past production costumes
                 exhibition, Iron Dragons of Malaya

so many things to do in one day, yet so little time to enjoy every moment. when i reach there Eliza was doing Yoga at Studio 5, instructed by Nyoba Kan. so i went to join the others at Studio 1, which the stage reading is going on. it was performed by Tuan Faisal, accompanied by Fang Chyi’s photography- “Leo writes to God about his need of love and be loved. Is God even interested”.  i went in to the studio half way but i think i didn’t miss much and i catch up with the storyline soon. it’s my first encounter with stage reading so it’s a new thing for me to see someone reading the script and perform, yet he can still perform well with the facial expression and emotion. 

yoga by Nyoba Kan


Tuan Faisal and his stage reading

after the stage reading, the others went to somewhere else where i stay back at the studio for the interactive theatre, The Room of Secrets. this is where we contribute our secret and the players will act out out secret, and we don’t know who’s secret is that. there were around 15 people in the room and they pick the secrets which we had written on a piece of paper. so the 4 players would act out our secret and some of the secrets were not expectable as well as really hilarious. Ok, nothing more to say because i’m suppose to keep the secrets.. shhhhhh..


before attending the guitar clinic
KLPAC Sinfionetta, it was nice


next on i went to the guitar clinic by musician Julian Makhtar, well known for this 13-year stint as lead guitarist with the Blues gang. well, it was suppose to be a clinic where the beginners can learn the basic skill and knowledge of how to play a guitar, but there were noobs, beginners, pro, semi pro, hobby player etc etc, so the class was quite a mess, not because of him la, because he’s really a great guitarist, thanks to him i learn something new too.



Julian Makhtar doing his stuff, without looking at the guitar. XD


after the clinic, Eliza invited me to see a dance showcase by Datin Paduka Seri Endan Award Winner, Aris Kadir. well, i wasn’t interested because i was kinda hungry so i went outside to get some food, some lousy food anyway, but manage to fill the tummy for a moment. and the nasi goreng from the other stall was better!!!  then i went straight to the lawn & deck when i spot a flea market over there. shopping time for me, and i haven’t done my CNY shopping, so i decided to buy something for this CNY instead. i went around the flea market and sadly, there’s more female apparel, as usual. sighs. why don they sell more men’s apparel, WHY!!! men needs to make themselves look good too… sighs… well i bought 2 T-shirt at the second round visiting the market.. XD 



wtf ?!                   LOL

and in between the flea market and KLPAC, there’s a group of actors having an interactive theatre outdoor, The Oral Stage, which the audience contribute a term or word or action or something and the players will pose for the audience to take pictures, and we also can go up and pose together with them to fill the gap. as usual, i suggest my favorite thing. but sadly i was alone there so no one took photo for me.. ><


yea, break dancing!!~



they’re posing for an interview, after the workshop

at 1230, i went to the Salsa workshop by Darlene & Amar, along together with Fred, Mae, Eliza, and Denise, while the others are looking at us dancing outside the studio. the demand for male dancer was overwhelm as usual, but lucky for us that each of the guys get to dance with one gorgeous girl. almost all of the students in the class were Salsa virgin so we started of with the basic steps, moving on to some turns for the girls and ended up learning the sexy move and the twist. the workshop was fun and we learnt something new about Salsa.

above:Darlene and Amar teaching the moves
below: the students observing the teachers



after the class, we all went to lepak outside KLPAC, having lunch and talking about the workshop and places we attended. i like the surrounding of the place as it’s very artistic and calm at the same time, wish i could come back here more often and attend free workshop. XD. after lepak ing and went for another round of flea market, me Eliza and Denise went to see the flamenco showcase by Klyla Maxey. i was quite excited because i had never seen a Flamenco dance before and i found out it was actually the Spanish dance for female. there was a workshop later on but i didn’t attend coz i think it’s more for the females so i left and went to find the rest. which they were attending another stage reading, “Live Shocks” by Electric Minds. the story were really “shock”, but i jus manage to listen one whole section as i was in and out of the studio, the story was about a guy flirting with a girl in a pub, whom the girl he slept before and he forgotten. OMG, and it was in Cantonese that makes the story funnier. well, anything can happen in life.~


DSC03597 guy flirting guy, i think

after stage reading, Me, Joanna and Mae stay back at the studio waiting for the next workshop to come, while waiting we get to peek the studio next door doing the Flamenco. later Halena Foo came and we started the Improvisation Workshop. is was a very interesting workshop where i learn how a “yes” and “no” only conversation can go with the help of human’s creativity. later on we were given some conversation and perform the small piece before the workshop ends.

after the workshop we went straight to Studio studio 5 which is jus beside ours to attend another workshop and showcase, Nomad Adventure drum circle.when we enter, we were given a stick and a small “drum” to play with, the whole studio was filled with drum noise, people hitting the drum as hard as they could. well, this was the best part of the day because i enjoy strong rhythm music and bass sound. i’ll let the picture say their words.. XD




drums and smiles.. XD


the instructor


me in the circle, dancing and playing



observation and instruction


DSCN3237 DSCN3239

we enjoyed!!!!!~   weeeeeeee…….

yeah we enjoyed, wait, before going we even get to play galah panjang, organized by the TAS teater rakyat. fuuuweeee we had loads of fun, thanks to Commander Fred’s instruction we had won a few games offending and defending the game. it was my first time playing this traditional game and i help the team won for the first game. *proud* XD…..
thanks for them to ignore me and let our team win as well.


i was ignored in this part, they were too concentrated to guard my friends on the right.


last but no least, group pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah~



not virgin anymore




DSC03501 DSC03519

DSC03534 DSCN3183


DSCN3202  DSCN3204

DSC03555  DSC03577

DSC03583                DSCN3209

free flow, bottomless, unlimited, BEER!!!


and yes KLPac.. i’ll be back soon…