Monday, January 26, 2009

first day of the ox year

woke up around 6, wander around thinking what happened the day before. went to Petaling Street after dinner with my family’s best friend, it’s a tradition for our family to visit the temples at Petaling Street. it was raining so there wasn’t much crowd compared to the last few years. i love the atmosphere in the temple, can see many kind of people come to pray, for health for wealth, for the child for the family, for the love ones for the themselves. i prayed, for world peace, because i know we need to pay for what we need, there’s no free lunch in this world, seriously.

630am, i still lying on my bed, checking the sms my friends sent to me through out the night. gonna reply them soon asap as well. mum and dad woke up too and yes, breakfast, it’s been quite a time i’ve had breakfast with them. the usual chinese breakfast meal for chinese new year, “mee sin soup”. simple and nice and meaningful.

after breakfast we went over to my grandma’s place which is just fifteen minutes away, walking distance. we were among the early birds to arrive, and all the other family members came soon. greeted and smiled, the usual routine. another day in that house. i wish that house was mine.

mum wasn’t feeling well so we went back to rest a while, my cousin came as well jus to lepak at our place. talk and crap, gossip as well, i knew more, understand more, learnt more, thought more.

the first day of chinese new year. my first day of chinese new year.


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