Wednesday, January 28, 2009

second day… woot.

people say during chinese new year they gain weight or eat too much until they don feel well in the tummy. but me, what i had for today was,
1. a large ice'-blended mocha from coffee bean
2. a chocolate chip cookie from coffee bean also
3. a can of 100plus
4. 5 piece of bah gua.
yup, that’s what i consume for the day.

second day was jus ok, gamble the whole day at my mum’s part, taught my cousin’s girlfriend how to play mahjong, and she’s addicted to it now, for sure. then i was at mid valley, and the stupid shop closed for 2 days, darn it. other than that, i was gambling and making money. wooot… ~

things are getting busy now, was doing my assignment in the morn, 7 in the morn, and my mum was shock to see me do my assignment. LOLx….but assignment is not progressing very fast, might need to sacrifice my weekend again. sighs.

will be gambling again tomolo, omg. i need somewhere to go… or things to do….


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