Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hot Hot Hot Ticket

Maxis staff in a festive mood with Hotlink Hot Tickets.
In conjunction with the year-end festive season, Maxis brings cheer to its customers with Hotlink Hot Tickets that come with even more talktime and SMS. From today until 31 January, customers are entitled to a “Family Favourite Personal Pan Pizza” from Pizza Hut for only RM1.00++ with every two RM10 Hot Tickets or one RM15 Hot Ticket. The RM10 Hot Ticket comes with RM31 worth of talk time and SMS; while the RM15 Hot Ticket comes with RM60 worth of talk time and SMS.
Some people do not really get the clear picture how it's work. When customers activate the Hot Ticket, they will receive a lot of benefit from call to sms. It means more value, more talktime and more texting.
With every RM15 Hot Ticket you get 120 minutes of calls (worth RM39) and 300 SMS (worth RM21) and you can purchase a Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut with your used Hot Ticket and only extra RM1!

Photo 2
Hotlink Hot Tickets that come with even more talktime and SMS. From today until 31 January, customers are entitled to a “Family Favourite Personal Pan Pizza” from Pizza Hut for Only RM1.00++
Promotional hot ticket!
How to activate?
How to check balance?
A sample screenshot of the Maxis Christmas portal which offers lots of goodies for customers.
From today until 31 January, customers are entitled to a “Family Favorite Personal Pan Pizza” from Pizza Hut for only RM1
So what are you waiting for? These Hot Tickets are only available from now till January 31, so be quick to grab these before they are sold out!

Visit Hotlink for more info!
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Twitter page!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Visiting Taylor’s Lakeside Campus




if you had read my teaser post about
Taylor’s Lakeside Campus Open Day.
IMG_0542This is how it looks like
The Multipurpose Hall was turn into a educational fair!


Parents and potential students get to know more about Taylor’s University
Counselors and lecturers were at their respective booth explaining their courses provided in the University.

IMG_0139Other than the educational fair held in the hall,
there were a lot of activities provided for the people who visited Taylor’s University that day.
One of it was the Hot Air Balloon Ride
where they get a ride and a view of how the whole campus looks like.

IMG_0363 There was a science of food workshop held outside the hall
where students showcase their talent of
how foods are made using science theory.


Taylor’s Lakeside Campus has also showcased their student designed car
the car was built by Formula Varsity Race Champion Team
from School of Engineering.


of course we were also given a campus tour.
visiting Ruemz was certainly an awesome experience.

Ruemz is a hotel run by the students from the school of Hospitality.
from housekeeping to reception desk,
it is all handled by their students,
to give them hands on experience.

Ruemz will be opening soon next year,
anyone is welcome to stay at Ruemz
and enjoy the wonderful environment around there.

DSC_8387 this is one of the largest room in Ruemz.


One of the smallest room in Ruemz.

IMG_0275 Other than Ruemz,
i also get to visit the School of Computing and Information Technology


i was given a brief idea why you should study here
if you are interested with Computing and IT.

IMG_0224taken from the brochure
SOCIT has a strong collaboration with RMIT University
Australia’s leading university which has Australia’s largest computer science and IT school.

SOCIT’s computing course are moderated and awarded by RMIT
and closely supervised by RMIT as well.

The programs of SOCIT which focus on applied learning, blending theory and practice skill relevant to industry needs,
hold strong appeal for employers who regard our graduate as job-ready.
Our degrees are recognized internationally by organizations and professional associations.

i believe SOCIT would be a good choice
if you are interested to further your studies in Computing and IT.

drop by Taylor’s Lakeside Campus now
to find out more what you can do at Taylor’s University.

Those who are interested to learn more are encouraged to visit the Taylor’s University Campus Day
at the Lakeside Campus from 8th January to 9th January 2011
, 10am to 5pm.

come with a dream, leave with a plan.



till then




Thursday, December 23, 2010

feng ah!

MC terry-1643

MC terry-1654

was playing BEP’s The Time
for the whole night

oh yea i can’t wait for the next
feng tau session with the gang

it’s been a while since i seriously had fun

i mean seriously fun.


2011 is gonna be something big for me
i just wanna have some fun before i put my game face on



till then




Tuesday, December 21, 2010

pop out

Cameron Highland-8238  been a really awful week for me
but it didn’t ended up as bad as i might have thought.

i’ve learnt a lot of stuff during 2010
good one bad one
it has definitely made me into a better person.

how’s 2011 gonna treat me
i dunno




till then




Friday, December 17, 2010

Taylor’s Lakeside Campus Open Day


Have you just finished high school?
Looking for a new course to enroll?
or looking for the right University/College to study?

Taylors Lakeside Campus is having their Open Day this coming weekend
so mark your calendars!

17, 18, 19 December 2010 (Friday-Sunday)


Taylor's University, Lakeside Campus -
1, Jalan Taylors, Lakeside Campus Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
*click for map*

Other than just learning what courses are available at Taylors,
Taylors Lakeside Campus has prepared a list of activities for the guest as well

image interesting stuff right?

ps: Get RM 200 off for Early bird Registration Discount (promotion valid till 19 December 2010 with Terms and conditions*)

For more details :
- FB event
- Taylors Website


so see you at Taylor’s Open Day?



till then




Thursday, December 16, 2010

Creativity in Motion



Creativity in Motion
Limkokwing University’s glittering international fashion show
is held at Cafe Stelle at Pavilion Shopping Mall
at the 15th December 2010.

The fashion show is set to feature over 60 designs,
a collection that combines the work of graduating students of Limkokwing University
as well as students who are still pursuing their studies
in the School of Fashion and Retail Design

IMG_0997 I was honored to be invited as one of the media
to witness the artwork by the talented studetns of Limkokwing

IMG_1002the mall was filled with celebrities, media and crowds
and they turn the table into a runway,
now that’s a very daring and creative idea.

 IMG_1006 IMG_1003 IMG_1004“Creativity In Motion”
is a collection of fashion ideas from the world’s next generation;
this time around the designs took on a variety of influence as wide ranging
as China opera inspired collection, to Japanese Origami, Brazilian tribal culture and even cervical cancer.

IMG_1007 IMG_1008after looking at all the designs/clothes presented by Limkokwing’s students
I think that the student there are really talented and creative,
    the dress and clothes are well tailored according to their desired themes,
some might out of the extraordinary, but some are really unique in it’s way

well i guess fashion is a very subjective matter,
everyone have their own say about beauty and ugly.
Kudos to Limkokwing University for such successful fashion show
definitely hope to see more artwork from them



till then




Wednesday, December 15, 2010

7aste New York


7aste is back, and it’s happening this December!

this time we have 7aste New York
”Innovate, travel, premium, inspiration, genuineness, sophistication, optimistic, harmonious, contemporary.
Ultimately the brand essence is smoothness – that inspires.”

i’ve yet to join the rest at previous 7aste party
but here is how the party looks like

imagetaken from

imagetaken from

looks pretty much like a very interesting party right?

Before 7aste New York, there was theme like 7aste Cape Town and 7aste Monte Carlo.

7aste world events are all about indulging in the good life.
The culture, lifestyle and taste of a selected city are fascinatingly crafted and exclusively brought to you.
The limelight is directed on you – feeling exceptional is part of the experience.


Wanna join us to have the party of the night?
here’s the details

Venue :
Hex & Mayfair, Damansara Perdana, KL

Date :
17 December 2010 (Kuala Lumpur)

Register yourself here :

P/S : Take note! Please register yourself, the non-members will be charged RM77 each at the entrance.


see you party people at the dance floor!



till then






Monday, December 13, 2010

scene at cameron

Cameron Highland-8262Cameron Highland-8263one of the common transportation
you can see up at Cameron Highland

cool, windy, chilling.
i miss hanging out there

no worries, no stress, no trouble.


maybe i should hit a getaway



till then




Friday, December 10, 2010

when i say jump,

The Curve 3on3-2706

you say how high!




till then




Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two Miss Universe Malaysia Pageant in 2011

imagein 2011,
there will be two Miss Universe Malaysia Pageant proudly representing Malaysia to compete against the Miss Universe Pageant from all around the world.

image Andrea Fonseka, National Director of the Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation (MUMO)
shared her vision to breathe new life into the Miss Universe Malaysia pageant.

“We are going to crown our Miss Universe Malaysia winners one year in advance.”

This equates to more time for grooming and training,
cultivating the most essential skills of a Miss Universe contender.
Latin American nations are famous for producing Miss Universe winners typically
between 8 to 12 months to train and prepare before competing.
Malaysia has had to compress this complex process
into a period of 3 to 4 months in previous years.

MUMO intends to overcome this disadvantage by crowning both 2011 and 2012 Miss Universe Malays in 2011,
the first time there have been two Miss Universe Malaysia pageants and winners in the same year

For this transition,
Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 would be identified and selected by September 2011.
This in turn means that the Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 candidate
will be crowned by February 2011 to compete at the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant.

imageAndrea and Hans Isaac sharing with the media about
the purpose and the main objective of the whole new concept
to look for the RIGHT pageant to represent Malaysia.

Andrea has really high hope to get our Malaysian Pageant
into Top 5 of Miss Universe.

imageteam Advertlets has been covering MUMO’s event since early 2010
From their auditions at KL then far up at Penang
till they crown Nadine Ann Thomas as Miss Universe Malaysia 2010

This time the Advertlets bloggers are here to cover
the Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 & 2012 press conference

imagethe Bloggers
Jason, Magdeline, Josh, Ariel & Feeq

imagefrom left
Wilson Ng, Josh Lim, Magdeline Wong, Andrea Fonseka,
Sarah Yap (finalist, Miss Universe Malaysia 2010), Vera Hui (2nd runner up, Miss Unverse Malaysia 2010),
Euginie Chan (member of MUMO), Jason Ong, Yusof Ismal, Feeq

imageBest of luck to Andrea Fonseka and team MUMO
for searching the right Malaysian girl
to stand a chance of getting into top 5 in Miss Universe.


image Let’s make Malaysia proud!
Miss Universe Malaysia Boleh!


pictures credit


till then






Monday, December 6, 2010

the stare

shally wedding day 1-115

kids could be good-looking at times right



till then




Friday, December 3, 2010

Camp5 in instagram


IMG_0799 it was a fine lovely day.
the clouds are nice, the weather is fine.


i decided to drop by Camp5 to check out
the state-of-the-art indoor climbing gym
that’s situated at the 5th floor of One Utama


well the purpose of visiting Camp5 this time
other than climbing the walls
  is to introduce to you their latest climbing wall
the ”Pro Climber Wall”


Jeremy Peet, Director of Camp5 giving his speech to the media.

”Climbing is non-competitive, can be practiced individually or in a group,
requires a healthy balance of strength, focus, flexibility and co-ordination.
Most importantly, climbing is fun and challenging and therefore a great motivational activity for people of all ages.
No matter what colour of level you are climbing, there is always another level to aim for and
this goal setting attitude is carried across into other areas of life.” 


here is Jeremy and Y Bhg Dato’ Teo Chiang Kok (Director of 1U) cutting the ribbon,
launching the latest addition in Camp5,
the “Pro Climber Wall”

the “Pro Climber Wall”
is at 20.3 meters in height, about 5 storey, with average gradient of 40deg,
near-horizontal roof sections and a maximum overhand of 1.75m,
this wall poses the formidable challenge to the most elite climbers.


the “Pro Climber Wall”
has been awarded and recognized by
the Malaysian Books of Records

as the “Tallest Indoor Climbing Wall Malaysia”


Zam, one of the instructor in Camp5 showing us how to climb the “Pro Climber Wall”



a little info about Zam,
11 years of climbing experience, widely known as Malaysia’s best climber,
he has bagged numerous trophies including 2 Asian X-Games silver medals!
it took him only around 10 minutes to climb "the “Pro Climber Wall”

IMG_0795of course we are given a chance to climb those walls
not the “Pro Climber Wall” anyway
IMG_0805and here we have Rockstar Leonard climbing half way top!

are you ready to climb to the top and enjoy the view up there?


visit Camp5 now!



till then