Thursday, December 16, 2010

Creativity in Motion



Creativity in Motion
Limkokwing University’s glittering international fashion show
is held at Cafe Stelle at Pavilion Shopping Mall
at the 15th December 2010.

The fashion show is set to feature over 60 designs,
a collection that combines the work of graduating students of Limkokwing University
as well as students who are still pursuing their studies
in the School of Fashion and Retail Design

IMG_0997 I was honored to be invited as one of the media
to witness the artwork by the talented studetns of Limkokwing

IMG_1002the mall was filled with celebrities, media and crowds
and they turn the table into a runway,
now that’s a very daring and creative idea.

 IMG_1006 IMG_1003 IMG_1004“Creativity In Motion”
is a collection of fashion ideas from the world’s next generation;
this time around the designs took on a variety of influence as wide ranging
as China opera inspired collection, to Japanese Origami, Brazilian tribal culture and even cervical cancer.

IMG_1007 IMG_1008after looking at all the designs/clothes presented by Limkokwing’s students
I think that the student there are really talented and creative,
    the dress and clothes are well tailored according to their desired themes,
some might out of the extraordinary, but some are really unique in it’s way

well i guess fashion is a very subjective matter,
everyone have their own say about beauty and ugly.
Kudos to Limkokwing University for such successful fashion show
definitely hope to see more artwork from them



till then




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