Friday, December 3, 2010

Camp5 in instagram


IMG_0799 it was a fine lovely day.
the clouds are nice, the weather is fine.


i decided to drop by Camp5 to check out
the state-of-the-art indoor climbing gym
that’s situated at the 5th floor of One Utama


well the purpose of visiting Camp5 this time
other than climbing the walls
  is to introduce to you their latest climbing wall
the ”Pro Climber Wall”


Jeremy Peet, Director of Camp5 giving his speech to the media.

”Climbing is non-competitive, can be practiced individually or in a group,
requires a healthy balance of strength, focus, flexibility and co-ordination.
Most importantly, climbing is fun and challenging and therefore a great motivational activity for people of all ages.
No matter what colour of level you are climbing, there is always another level to aim for and
this goal setting attitude is carried across into other areas of life.” 


here is Jeremy and Y Bhg Dato’ Teo Chiang Kok (Director of 1U) cutting the ribbon,
launching the latest addition in Camp5,
the “Pro Climber Wall”

the “Pro Climber Wall”
is at 20.3 meters in height, about 5 storey, with average gradient of 40deg,
near-horizontal roof sections and a maximum overhand of 1.75m,
this wall poses the formidable challenge to the most elite climbers.


the “Pro Climber Wall”
has been awarded and recognized by
the Malaysian Books of Records

as the “Tallest Indoor Climbing Wall Malaysia”


Zam, one of the instructor in Camp5 showing us how to climb the “Pro Climber Wall”



a little info about Zam,
11 years of climbing experience, widely known as Malaysia’s best climber,
he has bagged numerous trophies including 2 Asian X-Games silver medals!
it took him only around 10 minutes to climb "the “Pro Climber Wall”

IMG_0795of course we are given a chance to climb those walls
not the “Pro Climber Wall” anyway
IMG_0805and here we have Rockstar Leonard climbing half way top!

are you ready to climb to the top and enjoy the view up there?


visit Camp5 now!



till then





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