Thursday, December 2, 2010

a purple backdrop

Runway Purple-2037 Runway Purple-2039 Runway Purple-2314 Runway Purple-1934 Runway Purple-2049 Runway Purple-2242 Runway Purple-2580 Runway Purple-2263 Runway Purple-2497 Runway Purple-2283 Runway Purple-2466 Runway Purple-2109

the 12 finalist for Runway101
a simple shoot after their hair makeover at Toni & Guys

aren’t they beautiful



till then





thenomadGourmand said...

Very natural, nice. U got them at their good angles too.

jfook said...

oh my the girl in the second last photo is soooo skinny.. bulimia nervosa izit? LOL

Dila Ariff said...

i know 1, 2 and 4 lol.
jade (junior in high school), kim and simren (from HMC) :D

and i like the purple wall @_@

Jeffro said...

why so much empty space? :P

CWKen said...

Good use of rule of thirds there. Some of them are pushed way to far to the side althought it still works as a picture alone.. Jus that if it's for magazine, I think they'll appreciate it if there some breathing space for them to crop according to their liking. It's hard to adjust when the subject is cropped to too tightly. Also in certain pictures, the location where the subject is cropped is a little odd. Again crop slightly wider.

Overall good stuff there. Jus some minor composition tweaks. Keep it up!;)

Joanna Pinto said...

jade's from my high school! lol and church :) and i likey d purple backdrop!

Bboy Rice said...

@Rebecca thanks!!! next time you be my model also k :P

@jfook not sure about that, but she's definitely a very talented model. :)

@dila just ngam ngam the salon has a purple wall la, they have a red one but too striking d.

@jeffro that's my style of commposition lo. :)

@CWKen thanks for the kind words man, will take note for sure.

@Joanna thanks!!!! seems like everyone love the purple wall behind :D