Tuesday, July 28, 2009



P1180912before getting in to the club

(event starts at 2100)

and also need to wait for the rest of the bloggers


P1180916went chilin’ at Haagen Dazs


P1180918chocolate with almond toppin’


P1180919i think it’s a bit expensive


P1180914but the quality says it all





so who’s up for Haagen-Dazs ice cream buffer

RM33.90 plus plus only




Envy Club post and Pimp My Hat post

coming up



stay tune








EVo said...

Faster bro!waiting for ur post! i missed d ice cream session >.<

Ewin Ee said...

woah u were really waiting for everyone at haagen daz!

Bboy Rice said...

y waiting for my post lar..
i didn't take much picture le..
see all those DSLR i scare scare lor..
and the ice cream session was me alone enjoying only lar.. XD

@Ewin Ee
ya.. get used to attend events early d.. XD