Sunday, July 26, 2009

disc day


P1180616Saturday was SEXY

*look at them pose*


P1180630and having lunch with 15++ people

= noisy, messy, kelam kabut,



P1180669and later on i went to KDU college


P1180663saw lots of doggies and kitties


P1180656the crowd was just nice


P1180678and nice cars at the parking lot


P1180702too bad the shows and performances started a bit late


SONY DSCmost of all it’s awesome to meet them

Jonathan, SuetMei, Jason

picture courtesy to the pesron nearest to the camera

*guess yourself*





then here comes Sunday

P1180774 went to UM for




this one full post will be up soon

gathering pictures from all over the world now


it was awesome throwing and catching

with the yellow team

and both my legs are aching now


P1180889and this was my dinner

1x dinner plate H&S

1x cheeeeeezy wedges

6x nuggets


1x large pepsi



i’m satisfied



*off to take some decent rest now*








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