Thursday, October 22, 2009







all the bad lucks lately image made me closed my eyes

and i stood








Coming to you soon, RECHARGE is one event you don’t wanna miss out, and is set to hit some of the hottest locales in and around the nation. Sporting an all new look and outlook, the revamped RECHARGE is an all-sense-experience-extravaganza that promises to tease and titillate revelers’ sense of sight, taste, touch, smell and most notably sound. And with the like of DJ Cobra, DJ tyDi, DJ Sid Vicious, Proteus, DJ Cookie and DJ Bigg, revelers can expect the sounds to be larger than life. Also making an appearance are homegrown favourites like Arabyrd, Melissa Indot, Bass Agents, DJ Didjital, DJ Classick and more for a total tally of 18 performers at 8 definitive events.



the next station

23 Oct: JB Discovery, Johor Bahru

Proteus (FI), Bass Agents




imagewanna know more about it??













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Samantha Kong said...

wee~ Im the first one.LOL
I want to win the hp also but I don't know take what pic that shows recharge. Wuwu~

SO EMO picture. >.<