Monday, October 19, 2009

cause you had a bad day


start off the day waking up at 5 in the morning, and realized i had tons of should be done by yesterday night thing. Procrastination ROCKS!!!


for the blackberry post, it took me more than 5 hours to get all the materials, ideas and concept to make the blogpost, and another freaking 8 hours of trying to post it up.

thanks to the slow internet, i took more than 3 hours in the morning looking for a group picture and the information for Blackberry Curve 8520.


struggling to upload my post from Window Live writer, it kept failing me for no reason. i don’t know what’s the freaking problem with my post!! it’s either i got the bandwidth curse or the internet is really freaking me out.


i decided to step out the house and head to college instead, thinking i can upload my post at college or stealing old town’s wifi which i believe is strong enough. at 1015 i reached the bus stop hoping the bus would come anytime soon, but oh my it reach later than i expected hence i missed the 1025am train to KL,


oh well, i’m still not too late to submit my post before 1200 i think. the 1045am train came and i thought i was lucky enough that the door stop right in front of me. the “rosak” sign just ruin everything and i had to squeeze again with the other passengers again. lost my favorite spot and had to sit with a bunch of ignorant teenagers. pfffft.


watching the time goes tick tock tick tock and i tried my luck by taking out my laptop and maxis broadband and try to upload my lengthy blackberry blogpost again. but yet i failed again.


the free wifi at KL Sentral gave me a light of hope but it still failed eventually and i have no freaking idea what’s wrong with the post. thank god i met calvin at bangsar station and he tired to help me out to solve the problem but we failed. i think i got the bandwidth curse most probably.


i gave up hope on uploading the post cause my laptop have no battery anymore, and i cant seem to find a way to solve that freaking problem. talk about timing. pfft

i’m not quite happy cause i had really put in lots of effort to do that post since i haven blogged properly for quite a time. and i had lost my chance to win myself a Blackberry Curve for my belated birthday gift. =( and the post is still lying here waiting to be uploaded


basically the whole morning i’m just trying to upload that freaking blogpost and i failed. T.T

the next bad thing is, me, calvin and ponnu got lectured in the bus for no reason. lolx~

we were at the head of the line queue ing up for more than half an hour for the bus, once we were aboard and this old man came sitting in front of us lecturing us things that we don’t freaking understand!! WTF, got lectured for no effing reason.


and oh later on i walked to a U-Mobile booth asking for a RM10 top up coupon for my U-Mobile number, and guess what, the staff said out of stock!! o.0 WHAT???  U-Mobile booth have no u-mobile reload coupon?? where’s the logic wie.. omg..


and yea i was also effing late for the sales i’m suppose to be at.



if you’re reading until this part, i really salute and respect you.

at the same time, i wanna thank you for reading the whole sort of like ranting post blogpost, i believe the people who read it all are people who really care. =)

at this moments, i’m praying there’s no more bad things happening at home now. =X







¥ù £Ïäñg said...

whie u use window live writte? whie not u like upload it straight from the blogspot... u went college? whie din try from college comp nerh ?

chill full with obstacle.. take it as an experience time hopefully dun repeat :)

~XiAnG~ said...

Cheer bro.....
Actually if u believe me, u can pass me ur username and password to help u post up :)
Anyway, no worries! U stand a chance to sing $5000 from nuffnang right?!!!

All the best :)

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Look at the brightside, the good thing will start happening on you =D