Monday, December 1, 2008

the star and the moon

it's really a rare scene this night, imagine the moon in the "u" shape and there's two tiny little bright star above it, making it shape like smiley face. GOD, it's that god's creation or what, and i can't believe i was sitting on top of my dad's car glazing at the moon, while calling my friends to catch this magnificent moment. too bad my camera can't capture this scene, the moon is tooooooooo far la.. XD

went back to my high school today to do some loan stuff, damn mafan. but it was great moment to see the juniors at school, had a lot of fun dancing with them. i miss dancing....

talking about random, it was totally a damn random friday. before that i wanna thank Calv and Mae for helping me out. Thanks a million.

it was a random trip for me to travel up to Genting to help babysitting, and i wanna say it's not a date, it's just that i teman someone else to babysit her sisters and her friends la. eventually i met up with Wong, my long distance relative which i've met not more than twice, what a coincidence that he is Eunice's friends. OMG. it is so unbelievable that the rest of the people had actually told their parents about going up to Genting, but not me and my long distance relative, we share the same blood man, like what they said. anyway, we had a great moment up there, took my time to relax myself before the final week, even though it killed half of my wallet.

DSC01211the ticket proof... XD

another funny thing that happened lately, screw you

yea, screw you with a screw man, this joke was made up by calvin and was used for this genting trip which me and summer keep screwing people, LOL! so... SCREW you~~...


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