Friday, January 28, 2011

infamous railway

Had this shoot at the infamous Subang railway track few weeks ago with a few aspirin photographers/bloggers and 3 models. The theme was set to a Pop Music-ish kinda look. Everything turn out to be great and fun on that day. I’ve been to the tracks for a couple of time but i couldn’t really explore everything that is available there, except for the abandoned house and the tracks, next time i would want to go into the deeper area and see what’s prepared for us. Perhaps i should arrange another session at the infamous Subang Railway track, mainly not to shoot but to look around and seek for another possibility for photoshooting. Yes, i just like to be different than the others ;)

Anyway here’s the models that i shot the other day, it was indeed a good experience for all of them. There’s more to come and hopefully can create more shoots for them in the future.

 EMC-3430 EMC-3386

EMC-3363  it was around noon and the light were shining through the broken windows, i quickly set up my models at the side of the windows to get their face and body lighted up only at one side. Took a few shot for each model and this three turned out to be the best among their shots.


Well i’m still busy editing a lot of pictures and doing a few shooting here and there. Assignment comes along the way and i manage to juggle between my passion for photography & college.
I always thanks for those who supported me in photography, the encouragement and kind words have made me improve a lot, as a photographer and a person myself.


If you are interested to get shot by me, do drop my your contact in the comment box or cbox, we can have a small discussion over coffee and who knows, something incredible could be done ;)


i guess that’s it





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