Thursday, February 25, 2010

Studio C Live


heard of Studio C?

It’s a live music event that has been ongoing since January and will be ending next month.


If you are fans of BunkFace, OneBuckShort, Pop Shuvit, or They will kill us all, don't miss this chance of see them perform LIVE in front of you! All thanks to Studic C!



thinking of somewhere to go tonight?

It will be at Hard Rock Cafe KL (25th February 2010) featuring…





too soon?

well check this out






Make yourself free on the 6th March 2010 and join us at KL Live, Life Centre KL!

and guess what!


image An Honest Mistake playing as the special guest band of the night!




be there or be square!!





visit for more info





till then







1 comment:

yenniedoll said...

apa ini, 25 feb is not too soon lah, is too late xD