Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bangsar Actor Studio

went to Bangsar Shopping Complex on last Saturday to catch a concert held by a Japanese Dance Studio. and RM11 is only worth to see a cute little Japanese girl dancing, damn. She's only at the age of 5 or 6 and she can dance like a pro, you wouldn't believe me until you see it yourself. well, we had fun anyway, it's a nice place to catch a concert, and there's some nice dance move performed. Congrats to Natusmi sensei for the successful concert.

anyway.... here are some photos, sadly no video cause restricted to take one. so.... enjoy... ^^

Image000Image002  Image001Image009 DSC00258 Crazy Bee, that's their nameDSC00257  Image014Image020Image010 left : the little Japanese girl which i said worth coming for... XD


Image012Image018Image023 top left: my and my high schoolmate, Carlos, he's really a great dancer

top right: Natsumi, which is a great hip hop dancer and also the founder of the Dance Style Studio located at Hartamas

bottom left : me and the Latin dancer

  DSC00259DSC00260     DSC00011   Image019  Image021        

sorry for the lousy layout of the pictures... i really need to learn how to use a Window Live Writer...


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