Friday, March 6, 2009


1. Would you date someone younger or someone older?
** who cares as long as you love her the way she s
2. What do you usually do at 3 am?
** for the past few days, not sleeping and hopefully doing something productive
3. The Dumper or The Dumped?
** i’ve dumped less than 10 gals, out of 57 (or more) gals that i dated
4.. Describe yourself in 10 words :
** i love me, and i just love everything about me
5. Got to know something interesting recently?
** uncountable lar, people learn new things everyday, there’s too many of them
6. List down 3 things that scared the light out of you.
** this realistic world
** death
** myself
7. How old are you?
**19, turning 20
8. Do you know anyone by the name Sheryl?
** ya, Sheryl Chong from ADP, another Sheryl which is my ex, and another Sheryl.. and….. and…. ya… basically Sheryl is quite common now
9. Chocolate?
** just ate a bar of snickers today, and craving for caffeine at the moment
10. How are you feeling?
** Feeling unproductive, lost, still sick, basically nothing positive for the moment
11. How's life so far?
** i just told someone today i’m trying to enjoy life, yeah i guess i’m enjoying

12. Done anything bad in the past 3 months?
** ehh.. ya.. perhaps
13. What was the most insulting thing anyone's ever said to you in the past month?
** i can’t remember, maybe there wasn’t
14. Are you hairy?
** *no comment*
15. Musical/Athletic?
** i think i’m more on athletic
16. How's the muffin?
** ermmm… haven’t had muffin for ages
17. Do you love anybody specifically?
** ermmm……………………………………….. No….
18. Have you ever cheated on you lover?
** nope, i guess
19. Do you consider yourself good-looking?
** sometimes, sometimes
20. Thank you for answering.
** No prob
21. Tag 5 people :
** you, You, yoU, YoU, yOu.

what the hell, i’m so unproductive, and lost.. god damn it… still sick though.. fuck the moment i’m having now..


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