Monday, June 29, 2009

a decent meal



how much does a decent meal cost you?






P1170493 well

guess how much is this plate of

western meal




someone even thought





P1170494this plate just cost me


cheap right







just a random post

find this western stall

behind HP tower’s

at the end of the mamak place

way behind there

and he opens his shop at 12

dishes all sapu habis by 2







Aaron Foo Chee Mun said...

If you like cheap chicken chop around that area, you can go to the cafeteria above FitnesFirst. They have cheap western food there at a rather decent prices and decent taste ;)

Though the behind HP tower place is fantastic as well :D The Fried Kuey Teow beside it is not bad either ;)

Bboy Rice said...

i was a regular customer there also la.. haha... we used to call the place manulife... loved their rost chicken to the max..

but ever since they changed their chef i've rarely go back there to taste their stuff la... obviously different thing already...

and the difference between the both stall is... the one at HP uses damn banyak gila big big biji black pepper... the other one uses a lots of flour.. lolx~

currently liking the one at HP.. cause got spacial student VIP class price... he said.. XD