Thursday, June 4, 2009


at this kind of crucial time
there’s always bad things happening
just the right timing to make things worst
hope i can make it through
i really hope i can make it through this time
it’s tough for me this time
but they say
the show still needs to be staged
life needs to move on
path still need to be walked
there’s no rest station along the highway of life
you can slow down at the speed of 10/KM
but you’ll possibly get bang by the lorry coming in 150/KM behind
seems to be typing some emo post again
i was happy
the Chinese have this saying
“the more the hopes is
the more disappointment you’ll get”
it’s not always 100% true
but yea
it does happen
my thoughts my feelings are written here
i’m at coffee bean, mid valley now
trying to do my persuasion slide
but my heart was disturbed
i tried to stay strong
and i must stay strong
i can’t give up
nor giving any doubts
i just need to hang on
and never let go what i have now
not just only appreciation is need
but there’s something more
that is needed
life is so realistic sometime
it doesn't gives you what you want
you say we need to work hard
to get what we really
but realistic will take it away from you
especially at crucial moments
my heart is weaken
bit by bits
you said it’s unfair for me
neither it’s fair for you too
for not having a chance to be loved
by someone
you actually love
looking back at times
at moments we had shared to together
i have no regrets
and i wish there’ll be more of it
love makes people blind
i’ve been blind for quite a times
but this time my vision is clear
experience has thought me that
and it thought me to hold it on and don let go
i need a chance
and you need to give yourself one too
for you
for me
for the both of us
these are my feeling and thoughts
finished written at 1658040609
N'importe combien de temps tuloin de moi,
N'importe ou tu es. je te attendrai toujours,
cette fois, je sais que mon coeur est vrai.
Cho Yea Sun
Je t'aime

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