Sunday, July 5, 2009

and one more thing




frisbee was awesome today

i get to be handler

for the first time

did some layout

and i score points








EVo said...

Frisbee also can be a game wei! got tourney or not one?how often do u play?

Bboy Rice said...

yeah man... it's not just about throwing disc and all.. haha.. XD
the game is like a combination of American football and netball..
you can't run while holding a disc and you score points like doing touch down in American football...
the others are currently organizing a Hat tournament but sadly deadline is today la... you can join if you wan... don care if you had never played before.. because it's meant to boost up everyone's skill
there are quite a lot of tournaments going on throughout the year, the biggest one would be MUO (Malaysian Ultimate Open).

and i play almost every Saturday at KBU field.. from 9 onwards.. some of them do play on weekdays as well but i'll need to find out the time and place if you're interested.. =)