Monday, July 6, 2009

mike’s on tv!!



seriously if you miss that

fear not

P1170928i have taken tons of picture of him

in TV


P1170938just a short info

Mike aka Doctor Popcorn

had his chance to host

8TV Night Live

together with Jules

just now

@1245am 6th of July 2009


P1170931left is Mike, right is Jules

just in case


P1170937  i would say great job and kudos

to him and Jules

because they really did a great job

hosting the show


P1170927it’s so cool that you can get on to the TV screen

and the whole world is watching


P1170949he even got a close up too

haha… XD



and you also get fans


P1170934“mike i’ll live tweet you… bboyrice”

and i did really live tweet about him

for a short while


P1170941“cheewen aka cocky aka aroni aka aaron kwok:

GO MIKE!!! we'”re all watching!!!”

oh yes we are


P1170950and another one from me






too bad he’s gone

after 2 commercials

but he really did a great job la

P1170951later on estranged took over




Aaroni text me later and told me

Jeremy called in and got 2 tix for Shout Out Awards

apparently it’s not me






and sorry for the weird and bad picture quality   

good night

*study study study*







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