Sunday, August 16, 2009

flash mob at KLCC iphone roadshow



in case you guys dunno

A flash mob is a large group of people

who assemble suddenly in a public place,

perform an unusual action for a brief time,

then quickly disperse



P1190591i was at KLCC on Friday

hanging out with Amanda


P1190663iPhone 3G[s] was having a roadshow

at the center court


P1190680as you can see they have a small stage



P1190687they even have their own band

called the iBand

and they play their music instruments using the iPhone application

awesome shit


P1190694what’s coming up next is more awesome

see the people dancing on stage




P1190703and everyone around me started dancing



catch the video above

you’ll know how awesome shit this is





P1190709and let’s camwhore with the dancers
















P1190735it’s an awesome moment

hanging out with 100 over dancers

at the entrance of KLCC



10secs of speech by Chris

*sorry for the wrong angle

will learn how to edit it soon*



another 10 secs of speech from Dennis





any dancers who came and have a look here

do leave your contact or comments below

about what you think

about this blog and also the flash mob


really appreciated










klubbkidd said...

hola dude. i was the guy who briefed everyone at the final rehearsals. we were among the organisers.

great to see the turn out. and yes, one more BIGGER one coming. heh... official video out later today.

and yes, we had the BEST dancers working it!

klubbkidd said...

The official Maxis iPhone 3GS flash mob video is up at