Monday, August 24, 2009

food food food


P1200128 the food hopping start off with me

accidentally fall into a pit hole



P1200137 anyway it’s a sunny day

very nice sunny day


P1200138first stop

dim sum @ SS2


P1200140you can’t miss xiu mai in every dim sum meal


P1200146cupcake Chic

no we did not have a meal here

just teman-ing Eliza to buy some cupcakes


P1200161next stop is fullhouse


P1200176mush room soup with walnut



P1200183ice lemon tea

yum yum


P1200177chicken chop

yum yum yum


P1200196and dessert came in just nice


i just don understand

why everything at fullhouse is so delicious??


P1200226at Holly Coffee

while waitng for Izzie to get her Korean drink


P1200153yes it’s a Korean coffee shop


P1200232head all the way to Subang for this


P1200238Spicy Pan Mee



P1200240see the black black thing on top?

it’s the spicy spice


P1200241next stop

if you been there

you’ll know what’s this baby is

check out Ewin’s blog for this too


P1200245sadly snowflakes in not my kind of food

i think it’s toooo sweet


P1200248something sour like this is nice



P1200255erm so far

RM26 per person

cheap eh


P1200258and having a GPS

is a good thing




next stop is lamb stew at Damansara Uptown

it’s my dunno how many time visiting this place



and the lamb stew never fails me

the people there are nice too



P1200274my last station for the day

is also at Damansara Uptown

Kajang Satay




P1200212eventually it’s a food hopping trip with 6 girls

had fun catching up with you all











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