Saturday, August 1, 2009

july just end


P1170953finished my second year first sem


P1180125started holiday by singing out loud


5851_213964995359_885940359_7680787_4720306_nmet up with a bunch of bloggers


P1180246cleaned up my damn freaking messy room

*please ignore this picture*


P1180252work for my parents


P1180296dealing with fruits all day long


P1180547got mosh pit ticket

and now forcing people to get theirs as well


P1180932went to Envy Club


6500_239538710303_761055303_7960990_2637440_nand happy to met the 3AM gang




i miss hanging out with my college gang

i miss talking to many people

i missed a lot of fun stuff that’s going on

i missed lots of parties that is free and free-flow

i’m missing someone too








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