Friday, August 7, 2009

last station


P1190309finally it’s over

my last station at

LimKokWing University


P1190320how ah

like this lor


imageto go more detailed


imagewe’re partying at Sunway Beach!!!


imageand this is the stage layout








next few post

my journey with XPAX MTV road shows


Rules n Regulation for mosh pitters








1 comment:

cherlene said...

LOL!!! You are really crazy for the U.O.X.'s 10 days event~ hehe Finally win many MOSH PIT ticket???!! So crazy la you, purposely came many days to join us just for MOSH PIT tickets??? Anyway, nice to meet you...The thing which most impressed me about you was your SHOOTING SKILL!!! Wish you will improve it asap!!! LOL *kidding
See you~