Wednesday, August 12, 2009

losing 13 game in a roll


it’s gonna be one damn long post

*i think*



IMG_8856i went to Apiit/UCTI

on 28th of July


IMG_8858on the trace to hunt the mosh pit ticket



the people who are crazy enough to appear at this roadshow

from left

Calvin Khong, Nigel aka Flyguy, Me, Cyan & Suresh

and here we go






IMG_88721st game


IMG_88892nd game


IMG_89023rd game


IMG_89104th game

that’s me btw



IMG_89755th game


IMG_89966th game


IMG_90487th game


IMG_90558th game

me again imitating MJ’s signature move


IMG_90519th game




*no picture*

10th game

eventually i won at this round






IMG_907711th game


IMG_910912th game


IMG_912313th game




the thing is

i got my mosh pit ticket after losing like

6 games



IMG_8861 but this dude aka Nigel aka Flyguy

played the 13 game i mentioned above

13 GAMEs!!!!!! 

and he never won a single one

FYL dude





IMG_9131that’s why in the end he’s emo and damn sad






















IMG_8960but but but

UOX and MTV is very kind that day

*quoted from VJ Denise*


IMG_9132they gave Nigel a mosh pic ticket instead

*bro, you’re the man!!*




IMG_9134look at his happy face







this post is for you dude

more mosh pit ticket hunting post coming up

stay tune




and saturday is just two days away

*jump jump jump*





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Wen said...

lol nigel was sweating like mad!! thanks for sharing :)