Saturday, August 1, 2009

pimp my hat~


about a Hat Tournament

“A hat tournament is basically one where players who join rate themselves based on their skill levels and are streamed into teams. That is to say, people come as individuals, and not in teams.”

quoted from Louis


P1180774Sunday morning

it was drizzling at first

thus the fields are wet and muddy



and i was with the yellow team

that’s us doing our cheer

*kuning kuning kuning kuning KUNING!!*


5573_124643313178_530643178_3104100_4466632_n and this is us having our strategies planned


5573_124643108178_530643178_3104065_191956_nwe have a number of good players in our team

and we worked out together very well


5820_132640896437_709511437_3639568_7523297_nKit, our team leader


5573_124643163178_530643178_3104075_7955780_nand we have our very own mascot too

thanks to the management team


5820_132640866437_709511437_3639562_6546642_nother than playing hard and try to win your opponent

there is always after game bonding session

*i think only ultimate frisbee have this*


5573_124643253178_530643178_3104089_4590965_nit could take form

in mini games


5573_124643708178_530643178_3104164_7440138_nwhere the two teams take part together

and have fun together



or it can be forming a circle


5820_132640621437_709511437_3639521_6491012_nchanting and cheering for each another

and giving words of encouragement


5573_124643763178_530643178_3104173_7087901_nin the end

orange won

and we took the second place


P1180855and team green took home the best spirit award


P1180842and the winning orange team


P1180876and here are the nominated best hat of the day


P1180883and the birthday hat gal, Rahayu took home the award


P1180832Jess and Me


P1180811Ali G and Louis


P1180836Chee Wen and Jess




P1180813some extras


P1180816he is taken down

what we do next?


P1180819we pour icy cold water on him




P1180827all sooky wet

and cold


P1180844oh yea

he’s the organize for this

Pimp My Hat event

awesome job


and kudos to the Monash team too



check out the action










5573_124643388178_530643178_3104114_5180759_nwhile waiting for the game to start

funny things do happen








5820_132641056437_709511437_3639598_4133155_nwe are colorblind

we help each another

regardless the color we’re in





very good food to consume before sport


P1180744and it could turn very obscene as well

btw this is

Doctor Popcorn






5573_124643718178_530643178_3104166_2536037_nand here’s a group shot

Missing Papa Giraffe Kit and Mama Giraffe Hui Ying



but overall it’s an awesome day

i learn a lot from them



am looking forward in joining a team

to join the next coming league





and picture credits

Chia Wei and Zodie





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