Wednesday, September 2, 2009

15malaysia screening at packet hub


wall01_15my_1024 15Malaysia

everyone around me has been talking about this

as usual

i haven’t seen one of the film yet


ok i watched “Potong Saga” d

out of the many short films that has been released





wall02_15my_1024 this time

i really don wanna miss all the 15 amazing short film


created by

Yasmin Ahman, Ho Yuhang, Amir Muhamad, Linus Chung, Liew Seng Tat,

Desmond Ng, Kamal Sarban, Tan Chui Mui, Woo Ming Jin, James Lee,

Benji & Bahir, Johan John, Khairil Bahar, Nam Ron, Suleiman Brothers


imageand thanks to P1 and Ruumz

thank you very much


imageand also thanks Bryan for the wonderful answers too

i’ve been invited




and i have one extra invitation



so now

i’m still looking for a


anything you name it lar


just as long as you’re interested to go with me




if anyone of you are interested

do drop me a message or comment

or you can msn me about it


and is anyone going too?

hope to see you all there

do leave me a comment if you’re going

so i know who can i meet there too







1 comment:

Black Jeopardy said...

Sweet. Would love to join as a random companion, but I'll be leaving for the UK :(