Sunday, September 6, 2009



P1200744the 15malaysia screening tix


P1200743before the show started

i was hanging out with Jon


P1200736at the P1 Paddock

the P1wimax office


P1200745after collecting our tix

we proceed to have our dinner


P1200747they sure have a huge and clean cafeteria


P1200758and while waiting for the time to come

Jon showing of the “future” iphone


P1200759i’m sure to get one aslo



P1200762after dinner we proceed


P1200766to the auditorium


P1200769and yes we cam-whored


P1200773after a speech from the mc


P1200783the show began

after watching

the 14 thought provoking short film


i had a lot of thoughts in mind

felt a bit complicated

also felt very true about it


oh well

the soon to be release short film

would be better and some, funnier




just in case you haven’t watch any of the film

click here




P1200789during the break we went to the rooftop

and they had a mini bar up there



i like this shot even though my face kena block


but the others did a great jump



P1200802and i got some goodies for raising my hand fast enough




most of all

i enjoyed myself and

i had great companions that day

and it’s nice meeting you all











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