Sunday, September 20, 2009

if you have twitter


P1210298 follow me k

i know i tweet a lot



P1210315EVENT: Kuala Lumpur Twestival 2009
DATE: 12th September 2009
VENUE: Mist Club, Bangsar



the interior of the Mist Club

i like the decoration inside

shall come back next time

with a better camera


 imageand thanks byran

for this awesome shot

taken before we enter the place


P1210302only with great companies

there’s only great parties





and i found out


P1210303my fish eye lens can fit on a

panasonic G1

without an adapter



P1210306   but it still looks damn awesome with both things on




P1210310  and there’s cupcakechic

one of the food sponsor

oh it’s me first time eating me cupcake

damn nice k


P1210313and 1901 was there too

awesome footlong hotdogs



P1210317and New Zealand Natural was there too

free-flow ice cream

i had like 4 5 cups of it



P1210321and guess what

it’s so happening that night

that i didn’t take picture













Chingy said...

What an abrupt ending haha

nikicheong said...

Glad you had fun! Thanks for coming by :D