Monday, September 14, 2009

samsung 2 view camera launch @ the garden


P1200942thanks Shaz for the invitation

it’s my first time attending such product launch



P1200967this is the media and us

hanging out before the big thing started



the bunch of bloggers i met there


P1200986and the two pretty models


P1200994and we proceed into the ballroom


P1200996they have their main product on stage


P1210016the director of SME giving his speech


P1210042and they have him

to officially launch the whole event

with his “hand”





P1210047out comes the models

with the samsung camera on their hands




P1210088and the rest of the VIPs were invited on stage for a photo session



P1210111oh yea i have a proof of Joanna trying out the camera

we know what happened next right

*cough cough*


P1210117the ST1000


P1210119i personally like

the bluetooth in the camera

as you can share pictures

as soon as you taken it


and it also enables you to go on wifi

so you can upload your picture

without even using your computer




can twitpic straight away



pictures taken from Jacquelyn


this is the ST500

with another LCD screen infront of the camera


it’s made easy to

self take picture (camwhore)

for people who actually

can’t camwhore very well




P1210133later on we have a Q&A session for the media

*cough cough*

shall not mention what happened






P1210137and i conclude this post

with this awesome group picture

it’s nice to meet you people there k

you guys are awesome!!









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