Tuesday, November 3, 2009



how did i celebrate my halloween day?


P1220914went to Pavilion in the early morning

to catch AAR’s meet and greet session




P1220919met up with Jackie, Bryan, Flora and Amanda

where’s Kristine?

behind us emo-ing



P1220923and later on we went Niko Hotel

for AAR’s press conference

too bad tak boleh masuk



P1220932oh we met Natalie

from HITz fm!!

(thanks Jason for the reminder)


P1220935and guess who is who



P1220943since we’re not allowed to participate the press conference

we decided to head to imbi for lunch

and guess who we met!!



Chris Gaylor the drummer



he’s really fascinated about my fisheye lens



Nick Wheeler the Guitarist

he gave an “AWESOME” reaction after looking at the picture

i love how people react seeing my fisheye pics



P1220949Mike Kennerty the Guitarist

and he said “oh man Killer picture”



i’m so proud of my fisheye lens





P1220950then we proceed to Bukit Jalil

look at the line behind!!!

the earliest was 8am



P1220951but but but

we are the VIPs



P1220952lepaked inside the area like nobody’s business



P1220953so many people to introduce


Flora, Amanda, Kristine, Sam, Jackie, Jeffro, Mark, Andrea and

Victoria squeezing inside there


P1220954here’s another proper picture of her lar


P1220955damn leng lui kan



P1220958and the gang that hang out at the front side of the concert!!

Angel and Jason just pop in from no where



P1220965and the best group shot for the day



P1230010and later on the yumcha session at

OUG Steven Corner


P1230012i totally love this place

because the plate of rice and two drinks cost only

*cough cough* 20sens *cough cough*

thanks for conning my money at the first place




till then

more singapore & nnAward pictures

and pictures i took during the concert (from Flora’s 450D)









Dylan Phuah said...

wahlao met AAR in person. syoknya. :D

kim said...

OUG stevens my place. u con their money I tell them!

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

hahaha...eh I love your fish eye too! It's for the win man! :D

damn nice pictures! Got one pic flora look damn lenglui!!

flora said...

eh eh..best group shot of d day taken by me..fwoahh bangga siot..HAHA..

n yes ur fish eye rocks man..

kris? i look good oni in one pic..tsk tsk..i is sad..=(

AngelKein♥ said...

I love the mamak picturee and best group pic. =D