Monday, November 16, 2009

Live Mannequin Blogathon


i was at Pavilion on Saturday

just to catch up with this event


P1230215kudos to the four bloggers who stayed inside for two 12 hours

it’s really a tough task to complete


P1230211but they also get 10minutes toilet break every three hour

so it’s kinda not so bad lar.



P1230218these are the committees checking out the bloggers



P1230220and they manage to pull a great crowd outside Tangs, Pavilion



P1230221me, Simon and one of the committee.




and now i shall introduce the four very fehhhmess bloggers

who are competing for a Lenovo Laptop!







P1230227 Cheesie





P1230229and of course my vote was cast to Cheesie!!



not to mention


imagei now do stand a chance to win a Lenovo laptop too!!

go click on this picture

become a fan (if you are not one yet)

then click like!!!!

go go go!!





thanks for all your support

(if you clicked the like.. :P)




till then






cheesie said...

thanks so much for voting for me omg damn love that pic looks like im in a xmas snow globe!!!!!!

LilJo said...

I clicked jor, liked jor... XD

Ewin Ee said...

Liked! gogogo Jeremy!

KY said...

very nice fish lens!!!!