Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alamanda was AWESOME!!!


had an fantastic road trip down to Putrajaya’s Alamanda Mall last friday, gotta thanks Alamanda and Adverlets who organized this awesome day out for the bloggers.



a  super group shot with the bloggers, organizing committee of the trip, FLYfm DJ & crew!!




start off with

breakfast at Old Town White Coffee



IMG_1798which they served nasi lemak

malaysian food rocks yo!!!



IMG_1871then head off to Quiksilver to do some shopping




i can’t believe my eyes too



IMG_1961went rock climbing



IMG_2027     we can climb to the top k!!

without safety rope summore




IMG_2043then head off too…….



IMG_2046Pullman Hotel



IMG_2073awesome buffer lunch

they had almost everything you want!!



IMG_2087the decos there are also quite awesome



IMG_2137after eat kenyang kenyang

head off to the man-made-no-monster-lake for some….


IMG_2153extreme water sport!!



IMG_2161where almost everyone get wet-ed



IMG_2319after sports is a quick dinner at Manhattan Fish Market



and ended the trip by watching Avatar

i rate the movie 9/10

can’t wait to see the 3D version one day



and we ended the day with this last group shot!!




more detail pictures will be coming up





till then











Dylan Phuah said...

so syok lor can go rock climbing. i wanna do it someday.

EVo said...

Awesome hanging out with ya bro! c ya on xmas day xD

AbbyWilliE said...

cool pix yo! really adored it! very creative!