Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hannah tan was AWESOME!!


IMG_2515 last Sunday

Hannah held a Charity Concert for the underprivileged children

there were more than 20 celebrities on stage

also kudos to Hannah’s team that made this concert a big success!!




starbucks was there giving out free nice cold coffee



IMG_2521   so was Digi giving out popcorns


IMG_2536not to mention there were clowns there for the kids too




IMG_2587  minutes later the show kicked start with


the winner for Hannah’s concert’s opening act


IMG_2618then Shawn Lee took over the stage!!



IMG_2651Royal Phantom Studio was there to dance for Hannah Tan too


IMG_2652Hannah Tan!!!

the star of the day!!


IMG_2658she had a superb voice i would say


IMG_2674even this small little kid was dancing to her music






IMG_2685she also sang some sentimental song



IMG_2708His Excellency

Masahiko Orie

the Japanese Ambassador


IMG_2709wonder what he sang?

he sang a few Malay song

his voice?



IMG_2748Ash Noir on stage

singing a duet with Hannah



IMG_2761they also had Liang!!

powerful voice!!




a very sentimental song from Hannah




IMG_2795apart from singing

David Lai the Mentalist gave us a stunning performance too

FYI he’s rubbing a “fork”

using his mind to bend and twist it


IMG_2801and yes Liang and all of us are amazed!!

see carefully the fork is bend-ed


IMG_2827Jojo Stroys tap dancing!!



IMG_2856Reefa rapping away and making the crowd go wild!


IMG_2868Remy from Innuendo


IMG_2878Sam from Innuendo


IMG_2907Dennis Lau and Malaysia’s top saxophonist


IMG_2967the Fabulous Cats


IMG_2946this group of two girls two dude can really sing at dance!


IMG_2983Meet Uncle Hussein

not so Uncle after all

they perform a few familiar songs that rock down the house!!


IMG_2999Harith Iskandar

his joke was damn hilarious

made me laugh until my back pain


IMG_3004and he can sing summore!!

not bad not bad



IMG_3016the concert then ended with all the celebs on stage


IMG_3021dancing and singing together like a big family!!



IMG_3018man other than making joke and sing

he can DANCE!!

he popped on stage!!



IMG_3037nevertheless it was indeed a superb concert!!

once again kudos to Hannah’s team for the amazing effort!!








till then









Dylan Phuah said...

wootz~ GREAT CONCERT! Hannah was lovely that night. :D

hannah said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and for joining us for the event! Wouldn't have been the same without you. *smile* xxx HANNAH