Saturday, January 2, 2010

food trip road trip

IMG_3549went on a food trip again

this time with another bunch of friends

on last Wednesday,  23th Dec

IMG_3574went straight down to KL

and the first stop………

IMG_3554queue-ed until mouth buka besar besar

just to eat

IMG_3557nasi lemak

our malaysian most famous tradition food

their nasi lemak not bad lo

the rice sebiji-biji one

IMG_3555Nasi Lemak Tanglin

somewhere near petaling street

i rate their food



IMG_3566after squashing the uneaten egg york

we head to our next station


IMG_3577 Petaling Street

Malaysia’s China Town aka Chee Chiong Gai

IMG_3582to visit this auntie

IMG_3586and to eat her homemade MuaChi

got Ribena, Mango, Original and a few more flavor

i rate this


because of those unique flavor

IMG_3590 then we head on to

IMG_3593for some shopping!!

IMG_3595shop shop shop

IMG_3596buy buy buy

IMG_3600oh we found something


IMG_3601and i bought this shade

(couldn’t even have a nice picture with it then………)

*will reveal at some post soon*

sighs… :’(

IMG_3629next stop we head on to Uptown Damansara


IMG_3630famous ice lemon tea?

IMG_3631     we had Chicken Stew!!

*cause lamb stew habis d. :S *

IMG_3635Chicken Stew plus slightly toasted bread?

9/10 lar!



beeping UFO

yes we went to SS15 for snowflakes

IMG_3663trying out the best seller

nice or not??

you judge the pictures








IMG_3670damn nice right?


IMG_3683so nice until i order another bowl

and settle myself

IMG_3687big chunk of very sour punya ice


9/10 lor

IMG_3711then our last station is

Taipan’s Yellow Cab!!

IMG_3708their 10” is like pizza hut’s medium lo

IMG_3710they also have a wide range of flavours to choose

IMG_3727the Hawaiian Pizza
how nice you ask?

IMG_3716suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper nice lor


beats than other brands of pizza



nice yellow vespa for delivery service

IMG_3738last stop at Ke Hui’s place then it’s time for us to ciao home


it was an awesome food trip with you people

let’s hang out more often wei


till then




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