Sunday, January 10, 2010

a stroll in the park


IMG_5249had a very impromptu shooting with these people

Keith (500D), Pinto (the model), Nicholas (1Dmark1)


IMG_5356weather was fine

clouds were there for us



below the pictures are all taken by me

do C&C as i know i have a lot of space of improvement

check out the other photogs blogs too

Nic -

Keith -

















































































till then













yenniedoll said...

*clap* well done. I like the way you play with space around you.

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

wah lau!!! Nic using mark?? ah wah damn!!! LOL i like the hand love thingy! :D very got feel.

I tell you hor...model shoots are hard. >.<

Chia Wei said...


Post Processing colors are niceee. Though you might want to group those that are similar together for presentation. Small matter though.

And also you might want the model to look into the camera sometimes, unless looking off frame is your style, which is okay also I guess.

Not bad. With practice comes improvement. Too bad I couldn't join you guys argh.

Btw time to update your "My Gear" section and include me into your stalk list! Ahaha.

Amanda Janelle Quah said...

HEEEYYYY nice la wei.. I like!! yr model shots.. my fav is pic 3 and 7.. damn nice.. =) *clap hands for jeremy*

Bboy Rice said...

@yenniedoll thanks thanks... :D

@solitary rose yea lo Nic "downgrade" jor using Mark1, but still giving nice pictures. xD and i gotta agree lo, model shoots not easy, but it's fun though. ;)

@chia wei thanks for the small small details, will definitely keep those tips in mind. :)

@amanda thanks amanda!! one day we go shoot together k.. :)

yiching.rei said...

dont like the first pic of the model very much probably cos it looks a bit too contrasted. but i like the second last and last picture. plus the colouring is very nice. :D