Monday, March 29, 2010

sex it right…. babe!


yeah you heard me right!!





Sex education has been the latest topic these days. It’s never too late to educate the youth about safe sex. As we all know, sex among youth is inevitable. So we’re not going to preach you not to have sex, but to have SAFE sex.


Organized by the Advanced Marketing Communications of HELP University College, this event aims to create awareness on the importance of safe sex and the negative consequences of unprotected sex.


We'll have:
- An exhibition featuring photos and facts
- Talks on STDs and safe sex by Dr Allan Teh and Dr Mary Huang (U.N representative)
- Booths, offering cervical cancer vaccination at a discounted price!
- Goodie bags!


Details of events

Date: Wednesday, 31st March 2010

Time: 10.00am – 2.00pm

Venue: Theatrette, Lower Foyer, Main Block

HELP University College, BZ-2 Pusat Bandar Damansara

50490 Kuala Lumpur (the lower level 2 of Immigration Department)


So clear your schedule guys because we are going to SEX IT RIGHT, BABY!

P/S: guys and girls, if you have sex, do it safely! ;)




till then







EkLern said...

so any chance to choose a guy and a girl out for safe sex demo ?

Bboy Rice said...

hmmmmmmmmmm... come and check it out then you'll know lor.. :P