Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a taste of Sid’s pubs




some of you might have know this place already, or maybe even a regular customer who drops by and have a glass or Guinness or two. it was my first time going to Sid’s Pub last Friday, with a bunch of good companions of course. The first Sid’s Pub was in TTDI, open for business in September 2007. They also have two more branches situated at Bangsar South and Bukit Tunku. It might look like another ordinary pub where you hang out with your friends and watch football, but Sid’s Pub gives me a totally different feel from the others. The bartenders are very friendly, they recommend what meals for you, suggesting different varieties of drinks for you as well. Even the owner  of Sid’s Pub was there as well to serve the customers.





it started with a glass of Heineken, which i think it tasted different from the bottles or cans, maybe because it’s fresh from the barrel?





this was suggested by the owner of Sid’s Pub, they used King Cod Fish for this Fish & Chip, the fishes are freshly imported from New Zealand and it’s QC are well taken care.





see the fish meat is think enough and well cooked, add on a bit of lemon and it’s one perfect Fish & Chip you’re having.




to go with the Fish, this is definitely one sauce you must try, Heinz Malt Vinegar, it tastes different than the normal kind of vinegar, a bit more sour, but not too sour. it’s just nice. :)




one of the drinks served in the Pub, Snake Bit, well strong bow is another kind of beer, it tastes really smooth because it’s really sweet at the same time as well, suitable for those who love the sweet candy flavor.



and the world is getting smaller and smaller now, well it’s a small world after all. it was a table of five and we know each another in different ways.



Michelle Lee, known through the blogging world, a very special kind of friend of mine. ;)




Jess, my senior in HELP, whom i never had class with before, or she never appear in class before. :P





Eklern, the tweet in the morning buddy, eventually i met him once at P1’s headquarter, maybe the place was too dark so i couldn’t remember his face. xD



Alan, first time meeting him at Sid’s and i bump into him the next Monday at GSC signature for the Live Oscars Screening. lolx~


as you can see, most of them are holding a Full Pint of Guinness in their hand, so…………





thanks to bad influence them i got myself a perfect pint of Guinness too! well first time ma… :P

i would prefer to have a glass of Guinness now than beers because Guinness is much more smoother than beers. 


IMG_5239also Guinness is a healthy drink, said Jess

and thanks Jess for spending us the drinks :DDD




if you want more taste of nice Guinness, Sid’s Pub is opening a booth on St. Patrick’s Festival at One Utama! remember to drop their booth and get your glass of Guinness on the 19th of March!!!





till then









EkLern said...

Spelling mistake
not pine but PINT

ur half pint is called as PERFECT PINT !!




oh THE STRONGBOW Glass drink is called SNAKE BITE .. STRONGBOW is a type of beer

Bboy Rice said...

ok gao dim!!! sorry i must be damn blur after the session.. :P

EkLern said...

and the fish is FREE ON THE HOUSE..well technically la..since it is under geoff bill

thenomadGourmand said... good ah the F&C?
I wann!!

(liked their food in general ;) but nvr tried the F&C tho!)

Chia Wei said...

Ooooh looks nice.

Where's the place in TTDI? I'll probably drop by one day with buddies :)
The price there regular pub prices?

P.S. movie is done. :)

EkLern said...

thenomadGourmand - Do try their PORK BURGER .. It is AWESOME ... the pork patty is so thick ..
I got to taste The Double Pork Patty Burger with Bacon , Egg & Cheese to top it off..And I must say.. IT IS YUMMILICIOUS .. The best in town !

And their beer is FRESH !

Chia Wei - It is near the balai polis ttdi thr
details at

Jeremy - It is a waste u were not at sid's yest .. Geoff buy us 16 perfect pints , fries , pigs in blanket & the famous pork burger ! woots woots