Thursday, June 17, 2010

All i got was two badges.

looking back at my blog
i realized i haven’t been blogging for a month
intern/work has took a half chunk of my life since May
i’m putting all my effort in it
trying to make the best out of me everyday
and i am actually enjoying that kind of busy lifestyle

why not i take a break from all of this?

a vacation somewhere else?

an escape to paradise?

IMG_0248in courtesy of and
i was invited to Foursquare Meet Up at Tune Hotel Kota Damansara

 IMG_0259just in case you don’t know
Tune Hotel has 7 branch across the country
and also 2 overseas

it’s easy
(especially you do your booking online)
and the rooms are superbly simple & comfortable

do check them out at

IMG_0265wondering what’s around Tune Hotel Damansara?
sounds like a dead place right

actually Sunway Giza
(the new shopping place/mall)
is just around the corner

The Curve / Ikano Power Center
is just a few minutes drive away from Tune Hotel

and i would love to recommend this place
(picture above)
Bangkok Wasabe
that serves Thai food

IMG_0274sorry for the one and only food picture i took for the day
(hungry lar)

but i can assure you, they serve really good quality of Thai food
not to mention the dishes are very spicy
but just nice

IMG_0286it’s just right outside Sunway Giza



what i got for foursquare day was

image a swarm badge


imagea Player badge
i dunno how i get this too.

shall figure out what 4square really is later on




till then





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Leonard said...

This whole foursquare thing sounds really fun. Mayb i should reconsider about using it and if I do I'm sure I can unlock the PLAYER Batch easilly. ahahaha